What to Do on Your #Staycation

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Sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for a big family vacation. Sometimes we just need time to decompress at home. A staycation is a perfect alternative to the vacation away, and while you don’t need to leave your home, you also don’t need to leave adventure behind.

But what can you do on a staycation that favors the wallet yet promotes fun for the whole family? Thankfully, we have some great suggestions for you.

Go on a Hike

Finding a nature trail and going on a hike does not put a dent in the pocketbook and if you pack a lunch and go for the day, your whole family can have fun in the great outdoors. Even if you’re in the big city and don’t want to drive to the mountains, there are plenty of walking trails and parks to explore within the urban jungle. Take a picnic with you and explore the sights and sounds of nature around your city.

Play Board Games/Do Puzzles

Want to stay in but don’t want to watch TV for your entire staycation? Gather up the family and pull out the old board games and puzzles. All too often we don’t spend quality time with our kids anymore. Thankfully there are so many more boardgames available these days than Sorry!, Monopoly, and the Game of Life. Head on down to your local game store and see what they have on the shelves. Let the kids pick their favorites and make a weekend of it! The best memories of all are when all of us are together.

Stay a Night or Two in a Local Hotel

Sure, you haven’t left town, but getting a new perspective on your city might be just the thing to make you feel like you’re on a vacation in another place. Getting you out of your house for a couple of nights might be just the thing to clear your head and energize you. If you live in the suburbs, booking a room in the middle of downtown, or vice versa, will give you that feeling of excitement of being in a new place, yet not actually leaving the area at all. Check out local restaurants in close proximity to your hotel, check out the shops, and wander your city as if seeing it again with new eyes.

Backyard Camping 

As many avid staycationers know, backyard camping can be the perfect choice to leave it all behind yet not actually go anywhere at all. The beauty of it is that if you have a large backyard, just set up the tent and camp out right next to your house! Gone are the worries of where to go to the bathroom or how to brew the morning coffee, because you haven’t left your home at all! Get yourself out under the stars, eat a burger off the grill, buy a firepit and eat some s’mores. Your kids will have the time of their lives. Backyard camping is a very inexpensive, yet extremely fun way to maximize your staycation without having to go anywhere fantastic or expensive. 

Imagination is key when choosing activities for your next family staycation.

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