Aquariums Around George Bush Intercontinental Airport, North Houston, TX

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Whether you are visiting family and friends in the hometown, a tourist who set their destination as Houston, or a local looking for something to do, all can enjoy the wealth of aquarium experiences in the area. Read on for some of our favorite aquarium experiences around Space City. 

Houston Aquarium & Animal Adventure

Houston Aquarium & Animal Adventure is a great family-friendly attraction in the North Houston area that provides an educative and inspiring experience for visitors of all ages and interests.  A star-studded list of land and aquatic animals reside here in a variety of exhibits, including the pacu, American alligator, alligator gar, cownose stingray, jellyfish, sharks, otter, parrotfish, and a number of tropical fish species. 

These species inhabit their own dedicated areas and in shared spaces, to provide a variety of interactive and educational experiences. Selfies, feedings, and petting opportunities are available for a number of aquatic species, particularly sharks, stingrays, jellies, and tropical species. For those who want to be submerged in a more immersive experience, the Houston Aquarium & Animal Adventure famously offers snorkel and scuba tours through the tanks. Here, visitors can quite literally swim with the fish and do not need to worry about procuring expensive equipment or driving to the Gulf. Waterproof cameras and wet suits are available to rent. Aside from these, private tour guides and overnight events are also available by appointment for groups large and small, to get behind-the-scenes and after-hours looks into the lives and workings of the Houston Aquarium & Animal Adventure. 

Downtown Aquarium

The Downtown Aquarium has entertained and inspired the people of Houston for over eighteen years now, through a unique combination of adrenaline, formidable aquatic diversity, and a community-central vision. Alligators, moray eels, giant Pacific octopus, clownfish, piranhas, stingrays, porcupinefish, archerfish, nurse sharks, and sea horses are just some of the famous faces visitors can meet here. These iconic species and more reside in a series of immersive exhibits, touring the Texas Bayou, Gulf of Mexico, tropical waters, and enchanting sunken habitats including temples and ships. 

Aside from the variety in exhibits there is also a number of individual experiences representing various interests available by appointment, including working with a marine biologist/zoologist for a day, petting a stingray, a personal Q&A session with a celebrity animal, or overnight stays touring the entire facility. Majestic white tigers and a number of exotic land animals also live here, and there are multiple rides and dining options to cater to all tastes and visitors. Visitors can look out over Downtown Houston on the Diving Bell Ferris Wheel, or enjoy an aquatic-themed carousel. More daring visitors can ride a small electric train over the shark tanks, or experience the rush of the Lighthouse Dive Drop Tower. For a range of experiences, sights and thrills including aquatic wildlife and more, come to Downtown Aquarium.

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