Flower Gardens in Houston, TX

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Houston. A beautiful city that is also known as the world capital of space exploration due to the city’s large contributions to both space exploration and science. Houston is known for a lot more though, such as the city’s multiple professional sports teams, its contribution to job creation in the United States, the city’s lovely restaurants, and its wide array of things to do, Houston is a city that exudes excitement! A wonderful idea while you are exploring the city during the seasons of spring and summer is escaping the urban environment and surrounding yourself with the beautiful colors and smells of the season by visiting the city’s flower gardens. With that being said, the city of Houston offers numerous garden centers that will help you make a seamless transition into the warmer seasons of the year. Let’s explore the city of Houston and find out the best flower gardens that you should check out. 

Bayou Bend 

A wonderful garden to visit when spending time in the city of Houston would be Bayou Bend Gardens. The Bayou Bend Gardens boast a rich history that dates back to the 1920’s when Ms. Hogg started to develop the property. The garden was originally covered in thick foliage throughout, but upon redevelopment, Ms. Hogg created an array of beautiful gardens that were originally intended to shape outdoor rooms for entertainment and not just for looks. Today, you will find that the River Oaks Garden

Club takes care of preserving this beautiful garden and enhancing it as well. The organization’s volunteers all share a passion for gardening and plant life and devote themselves to making sure that the Bayou Bend Garden is taken care of now and in the late future. Visit the Bayou Bend Garden and be a part of its wonderful story. 


Bayou Parkland 

If you are looking for a gorgeously natural flower garden and to totally escape into the beauty of nature, Bayou Parkland is an excellent choice for you! Bayou Parkland is eighty acres of pure beauty, with gorgeous flowers, greenery, and wildlife throughout. Bayou Parkland offers scenic trails, prairie meadows, wetland, and an urban forest. Bayou Parkland is a wonderful option for couples looking for ideas for their romantic weekend getaway and is a perfect place for a picnic with the park’s multiple pavilions offered on site. If you are looking for an escape and to get a whole new appreciation for nature, Bayou Parkland is the place for you! 

Peckerwood Garden 

Another garden that you should visit when spending time in the city of Houston is the Peckerwood Garden. The Peckerwood Garden sits on ten acres of land and offers a

large variety of plants. The founder of Peckerwood Garden is named John Gaston Fairey and has started the Peckerwood Garden by collecting seeds on his travels to Mexico. Originally a private garden, John decided that it would just be selfish to keep such an impressive garden to himself, and is now a garden that the public can spend time in and appreciate. 

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