Spring Break in Houston, Texas

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Spring break has arrived. The best time of the year to relax, adventure, enjoy some sunshine, and travel to cities to experience some great events and destinations like never before. Our travels bring us to the city of Houston, Texas, and in this article, we will be exploring the city and shining some light on some events that are a must visit while in the city. From great outdoor events that allow us to enjoy the spring weather to must see destinations that take our spring break vacation to the next level. Your greatest spring break vacation is just a few clicks of a button away. Feel free to follow the links provided under each event and destination to find more information on how to plan these events for your next trip to Houston, Texas. Safe travels and have a great spring break with these wonderful events.

The Perfect Spring Day in Houston Texas

If you find yourself in the beautiful Texas city of Houston during your spring break, then worry not because you have plenty of options for fun and adventure that await you around every corner. Here in this section of the article we will be finding the best activities to bring you the most joy out of your trip to Houston, Texas. Follow the links provided under each option to further your spring break vacation ideas. 

Coffee to Start the Day

We all need our coffee to ensure our days are productive and our energy levels are ready for the day’s events. The perfect spring day in Houston, Texas starts off with a great, energy revitalizing cup of coffee at the popular Boomtown Coffee Shop in Houston. Order the Specter Latte that comes with agave, cinnamon, and nutmeg. There is no better way to start your day than with a great cup of coffee, and here at Boomtown they have elevated the coffee drinking experience. For more information, please follow the link below.


Brunch with Outdoor Seating

Now that the coffee has been taken care of it is time to find a great brunch/lunch spot to quench our hunger. Bludorn is the perfect spot for some great food with an outdoor patio that keeps you connected with the great spring weather and blooming plant life. The menu is New-American style with French influenced dishes. For more information, please follow the link below.


A Cozy Park to Relax

Discovery Green is a park in downtown Houston that is perfect for relaxing after a great cup of coffee and an even better lunch. Pack a blanket and relax under the spring sun as the flowers are blooming and the weather is inviting you to lounge around. For more information, please follow the link below.


Grab a Drink at a Popular Bar

The Clarkwood bar is located in Houston that is unlike any other bar you will ever experience. The drinks are unique, and the vibe of the whole establishment is modern and classy. End the day with a much-deserved drink and get ready to repeat the greatest spring day in Houston tomorrow. For more information, please follow the link below.


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