Outdoor activities near Houston TX

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Spending time doing outdoor activities in a great way to not only have fun but to boost your mood as well. As with so many outdoor activities available wherever you live, there’s no excuse to not get out there from time to time. One such place that has a whole host of brilliant activities is the city of Houston, so if you’re in the area and want to know more, read on for some of the best outdoor activities near Houston TX.


Memorial Park is kind of like Houston’s answer to Central Park. With 1500 acres of space, there’s more than enough room for everything and everyone. Within the park you’ll find driving ranges for golf, sports areas for playing activities such as basketball, monuments, water features, and walking or bike paths so you can explore the park to the full. Every inch of this park is beautiful and is a great way to spend the afternoon taking part in all kinds of outdoor activities.


One of the top outdoor activities in the area is Houston Zoo where you can take a look at nearly six thousand animals – that’s an incredible amount! You can also watch shows, watch the feeding times, and learn about animals that you may never have even seen before. There are also great tidbits of education where you can learn about how you can positively help the natural world. This zoo is a fantastic and unique experience that will leave you feeling like you’re in the savannah.


Explore the city by bike with a special and intricate guided tour where you can go with your friends or join another group and meet new people. Learn about the history of the city, the culture, and be taken to places that you’ve never even see before. There is no better way to truly learn the ins and outs of a place than with a tour, and the bikes make it extra fun!


The Cyprus and Spring Creeks of the area are absolutely stunning, and what better way to see them than by horseback. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a novice, everyone is welcome to join in where you will be taken on a relaxing and gorgeous ride along the creeks with your very own horse. For smaller ones there are ponies, and if you want to spend some time getting comfortable first then you can also book riding lessons to help.


Buffalo Bayou is the most incredible way to see the city’s skyline, in fact, as great as the views are from various vantage points, nothing beats the view from the water. Have a kayaking experience along more than 50 miles of water and take in the city from all angles. You can kayak alone or with your group, or you can book a guided tour if you feel more comfortable.

Houston has some wonderful outdoor activities for you to take part in over and over again, as well as many others than we haven’t listed, so get out there and find your favorite things to do!

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