Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Jacksonville, Florida

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Sitting on the banks of St. Johns River, Jacksonville has all the features of picture-perfect scenery, it is a beautiful city, with beautiful food; owing to the fact that Florida’s restaurants are not yet included in the Michelin star awards, you can’t find any Michelin star restaurants, but you can still easily find exquisite dining and the finest of food, as you will read below as we go through a few of the highest-rated restaurants near Jacksonville.

Cousins Maine Lobster

If you want lobster then look no further, as the name of this restaurant suggests, they specialize in lobster, and boy do they do it well. It is a relatively new restaurant, having been open for less than two years, but is already proving their worth by making it to the number one spot in such a short space of time. While they have a variety of lobster options on their menu such as lobster grilled cheese, lobster tots, or lobster bisque, which are all unbelievably delicious, they are especially known for their Maine lobster roll, and their Connecticut lobster roll, both of which are cooked to perfection, in warm rolls, with mayonnaise or lemon butter. It is a lobster paradise, and each item on the menu is a pleasure for your senses. As to be expected this place can get quite busy, so you may experience queues, but it is worth the wait. Check out more about this restaurant and their other locations on their website.

Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

The owners, who are originally from Brazil, have combined their 40 years of experience and cooking knowledge to produce the most authentic and great tasting Brazilian food possible. Their selection of meats, which are all flame-grilled to perfection, are juicy and tasty, you will ever get a bad meal. The portions are big meaning you never leave feeling hungry, and regardless of what you order, the flavors are explosive. Terra Gaucha pride themselves not only on the quality of their food but also their genuine desire to make sure all customers are looked after like they are family, you get a real sense of belonging when you are inside and the staff are constantly fantastic. This restaurant is so highly rated for a reason, and whatever your occasion, it is the place to go for the best Brazilian cuisine in town. Find out more and see their gallery of mouth-watering food here –


Orsay is a French American fusion that combines classic dishes with modern preparation, and a few of the chef’s favorites to create the perfect menu. Situated in the Avon Historic District, Orsay is a huge hit among locals, and tourists alike who come to experience the rich flavors and masterful cooking, in an environment that is elegant but not stuffy. While it may not have yet had the opportunity to become a Michelin star restaurant, Orsay is still an award-winning restaurant from numerous food and wine events in the industry, including a four-diamond award from the AAA. Orsay is a wonderful example of fine-dining and certainly deserves its reputation. You can find out more and book a table on their website.

Jacksonville is a joy to walk around with so many pretty sights, and the amount of top-quality restaurants in the city only adds to the joy you will experience.