Sustainable Travel in Phoenix, Arizona

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Phoenix Arizona is a city with year-round sun and temperatures that feel like summer. The city is located in the south-western state of Arizona and offers a variety of events and things to do while touring the sunny city of Phoenix. From exciting nightlife to plenty of amazing golf courses to play all over. The city of Phoenix is no stranger to people coming from all over to experience its uniqueness. With the city being continuously engulfed in the sunshine and high temperatures it suffers from energy usage and water conservation. We can quickly see the change in mindset for the locals to not only come up with long-term tactics of sustainably living but also come up with ways for their tourists to participate in the mission to make the state more sustainable as well. From restaurants that offer farm-to-table food, coffee shops that offer low-impact methods of operating, and amazing natural parks to venture, the options are available to travel with an eco-conscious mind and lower our carbon footprint. Here in this article, I will be exploring the many options for sustainable eateries and green nature walks that set the standard for sustainable travel within the city of Phoenix. 

Provision Coffee

Need a pick-me-up to conquer the day? Look no further for your one-stop caffeine supply. Provision Coffee is a local Phoenix coffee shop that has a team of leaders that are driven to supply the best coffee and some of the best ingredients in the state for coffee and food lovers of all sorts. The coffee shop is located on 4501 N. 32 St. and here you will find that serving coffee is not the only thing Provision is good at. They have created a great community within the local area and source all of their amazing ingredients from local farmers and vendors. Keeping the money in the community and supporting the continued growth of Phoenix, Arizona. Stop by and get your mind right at Provision Coffee. For more information, please follow the link below.

Restaurant Progress

The mission to build sustainable restaurants in Phoenix is very important and Restaurant Progress is the perfect example of what Phoenix needs more of. With great food locally sourced from the community that leaves your taste buds exploding with flavor and excitement to sustainable tactics of operation such as using metal straws and recycling as much as possible this restaurant is setting the standard for sustainable restaurants all around Phoenix. Let us do our part and support Restaurant Progress in its mission to bring sustainable food experiences to the great city of Phoenix. For more information, please follow the link below.

Desert Botanical Garden

An escape from the city and an adventure into the beautiful and natural lands of the desert just outside the city awaits you. Bathe in the sunshine, hike over 140 acres of land, explore the endless beauty of flowers and desert, dine at Gertrude’s to experience some great farm-to-table foods, and reconnect to the planet through this very green sustainable event. This destination is perfect for those seeking to lower their carbon footprint and give back to the city of Phoenix in a unique way. Through our exploration of the natural beauty and appreciation of the conservation of these lands, we are showing the city how important it is to us visitors that these cities conserve lands for as long as possible. Escape the city for the day and get back into nature. For more information on how to plan your visit to the Desert Botanical Gardens please follow the link below. 

Camelback Mountain

Hiking trails that test your athleticism and challenge your will to get to the top. With two hiking trails, Echo Canyon and Cholla, both of these trails offer difficult hiking trails that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who wish to get back out into nature and test their abilities. Camelback Mountain is the perfect destination to plan a sustainable travel event in the city of Phoenix and offers some of the greatest views of the city once you reach the top. The hike is difficult and requires proper clothing and shoes to make sure you are safe and able to reach the top. Give back to the planet in a way that leaves you feeling accomplished and victorious once you reach the top of the mountain. Travel green and make sure to get out into nature as much as possible. For more information about the mountain make sure to follow the link below.

The Farm at South Mountain

Learn sustainable gardening practices you can take home with you, eat at some amazing farm-to-table eateries, shop at their store Botanica, get a massage, and explore the endless green attractions here at The Farm at South Mountain.  Where sustainability meets comfort and excitement for all. The options to give back to the city of Phoenix and enjoy an eco-friendly event are abundantly available at this amazing farm. Their mission to keep visitors and residents educated on urban farming is wonderful and is truly inspirational to see the team working so hard to educate others on sustainable living. Let’s give back and plan out this sustainable travel event while in the beautiful city of Phoenix. For more information, please follow the link below.

The sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona is full of green attractions, eco-friendly events, and sustainable restaurants to enjoy all over the city. It is our choice as eco-conscious travelers to do the research and plan our trips accordingly to make sure our travels are not only beneficial to us but also to the city we are visiting. Enjoy a hike from time to time, buy from local shops that practice sustainable operations, and give back to the city by limiting your carbon footprint. The options are always available, and the rewards are always refreshing. The planet needs our help and through sustainable travel tips and tricks, we can begin to heal the world and keep these cities healthy and alive.  The city of Phoenix awaits your arrival and contribution to the environment. Travel smart and use your travels as a way to give back to the planet. 

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