Where to see Christmas Lights in Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix. A beautiful city known as the “Valley of the Sun”. Phoenix is also known for its year-round warmth and sunshine, its modern architecture, the city’s famous sports teams, and its wide array of things to do, the city of Phoenix is a city that exudes excitement! During the Christmas season, enjoying the different displays of Christmas lights is something that everyone enjoys! With this being said, Phoenix boasts multiple options to feast your eyes on one of the season’s most popular things to do, enjoying the pretty light displays of Christmas! Let’s explore what the city of Phoenix has to offer!

Lights at The Farm

Are you looking to make a night out of seeing and enjoying gorgeous Christmas lights? Lights at The Farm is the perfect choice! Lights at the Farm is Arizona’s largest walk through Christmas lights display with the displays spanning across ten acres of land! There is plenty to see and after touring through the displays of twinkling Christmas lights, there is plenty more to enjoy. Enjoy listening and singing along to your favorite Christmas songs, enjoy plenty of tasty food options, skating, and many other fun and festive activities!

Zoo Lights

During the Christmas season, when you think of going to see Christmas lights, the zoo seems to come into everyone’s mind. The Phoenix Zoo is no exception and if you want to enjoy spectacular Christmas lights this season, you owe it to yourself to check out what the Phoenix Zoo is displaying this Christmas season. The Phoenix Zoo is sure to amaze visitors with their spectacular lights. Visit the Phoenix Zoo and feast your eyes upon a gorgeous winter wonderland. With millions of Christmas lights, hundreds of various displays, and performances throughout the Phoenix Zoo. While strolling through this beautiful zoo, guests can enjoy the sounds of their favorite Christmas toons and enjoy seasonal treats and beverages but for those who wish to stay inside the comfort of their own vehicle, the Phoenix Zoo has you covered! On selected dates, folks have the option to take advantage of a drive-thru Christmas lights experience, so there are options for everyone! Treat your family this Christmas season and visit the Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo!

Arizona Lights in the Night

If you are looking for a place to see spectacular Christmas lights but don’t want to spend the time walking around to enjoy them, Arizona Lights in the Night has you covered! Arizona Lights in the Night is a drive-thru Christmas lights show that allows you to see eye-catching Christmas lights, without having to step out of your vehicle. If you are in a hurry, this is a perfect option, or if you simply just want to stay comfortable in your car while gaining Christmas cheer, Arizona Lights in the Night makes this possible. There are over a million lights and hundreds of different displays throughout the Arizona Lights in the Night event. Arizona Lights in the Night also give parents the option of buying a stuffed animal to make the experience even more magical for their kids and to create memories!

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