Best Places to Take Pictures around Queens, NY

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Queens. This bustling and dynamic borough of New York is pound-for-pound one of the most vibrant parts of the tri-state area for those who see it for its true character. Whether you may be a tourist drafting a travel itinerary, a returnee visiting friends and family or an adventurous local, all will find that there is so much to be discovered here in Queens. Read on for some of our favorite places to take pictures here around Queens, and get ready to start exploring. 

Flushings Chinatown

One of the nation’s most historic and iconic Chinatowns can be found right here in Flushings, Queens. This is a vibrant, dynamic and unique backdrop for photos of your visit to Queens, and is great for groups and solo pictures. The raging food scene of mouthwatering Chinese cuisines is also of note for foodies and food photographers staying in Queens.

Queens Botanical Garden

For those visitors looking for a gorgeous natural backdrop of trees, flowers and vines of myriad colors and shapes, look no further than the Queens Botanical Garden. The variety of colors, footpaths and settings here at the Queens Botanical Garden makes this a great setting for a number of different photography projects casual and formal alike. Whether looking for a lush setting for your family photo, a romantic couple’s shoot or a noteworthy solo project, Queens Botanical Garden has so much to offer.

Rockaway Beach

For those wanting a beach setting for their photos but can’t leave Queens, look no further than Rockaway Beach, Queens’s own slice of the sea by the Atlantic. This is a great backdrop to visit for those projects wanting to make the most of natural lighting, particularly at midday, sundown or sunrise.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

This is one of Queens’s most celebrated and famed meeting spots, featuring the iconic Unisphere! This is a great addition to any travel itineraries in itself as a tour of various happenings around Queens, as well as a collection of unique and varied backdrops for your photos. The proximity to other Queens landmarks such as Citi Field and the New York Hall of Science also make this an accessible addition to any travel plans here in this corner of New York.

Queens Zoo

For a more lighthearted experience, come take a selfie and catch the rare cameo with some of Queens’s most eccentric personalities, including the bison, bald eagle, sea lion, puma and the highland cattle. This is a great way to meet some of the nation’s most iconic species as well as add a conversation starter to your travel album!

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