5 Great Places to Have a Picnic in Queens, NY

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When the weather cooperates, we all love to get outside and explore the world around us. There is nothing more refreshing and soothing to the soul than a picnic in the sun, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Every city in the United States has incredible locations for picnicking. Below are 5 Great Places to Picnic in Queens, NY.

Astoria Park

An extremely beloved and popular park in Queens, NY. A good portion of its popularity as a park comes from its location on the East River – Astoria Park has views of both the East River and the famous NYC Skyline. It is perfect if you are looking for a picnic with a traditional NYC view. It is also one of the best designed parks in the city and excellent for a recreational day followed by a picnic. There are tennis courts, a swimming pool, a running track, playgrounds, and a skate park. South Hill is one of the best spots to spread a picnic blanket. You could also choose to eat lunch on a bench along the river watching the waves, the passersby, and the NYC Skyline.

Forest Park

Forest Park lives up to its name. It is large and full of wooded hiking trails and groves of trees that you can picnic under. It is also home to Seuffert Bandshell, a small pond, tennis courts, playgrounds, a Golf Course, and more. This park is lush and a true haven from the crowds of New York City. I recommend giving yourself plenty of time to wander through the park before deciding where to set up your picnic. 

Cunningham Park

This park is where you go to play and to eat. Cunningham Park has multiple, wonderful sports fields as well as several playgrounds and a dog park. It is fun for the whole family or your whole group of friends. There is a designated Picnic Area near the Tennis Courts, but I recommend taking a stroll along the trails first or heading to the lawn across the road from the Picnic Area. Cunningham makes the Top 5 because it is large, filled with activities, and full of gorgeous, open green spaces.

Hunter’s Point South Park

Take a walk along the riverfront promenade at Hunter’s Point South Park. You’ll see benches of many different styles, flower beds, docks that head out over the river, and flowering trees for shade. Next to the promenade is a wonderful, open green space for recreation and relaxation. This park is a fabulous choice for a late afternoon/early evening picnic, so you can watch the sun setting over the New York City Skyline. 

Gantry Plaza State Park

Just North of Hunter’s Point is this riverfront park. The park is made up of four piers with iconic views of the Manhattan Skyline. Over the years, the Long Island Sign has also become a staple feature of Gantry Plaza Park. This park has a wonderful urban feel to it and is designed primarily to connect you to the water and the views over the river. Picnic tables are available in front of the Rainbow Playground, or you can find a bench on the dock, or spread out on the open lawn that can be found on the largest of the four piers.

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