Spring Break in Queens, New York

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Spring break has arrived. The best time of the year to relax, adventure, enjoy some sunshine, and travel to cities to experience some great events and destinations like never before. Our travels bring us to the city of Queens, New York, and in this article, we will be exploring the city and shining some light on some events that are a must visit while in the city. From great outdoor events that allow us to enjoy the spring weather to must see destinations that take our spring break vacation to the next level. Your greatest spring break vacation is just a few clicks of a button away. Feel free to follow the links provided under each event and destination to find more information on how to plan these events for your next trip to Queens, New York. Safe travels. 

The Best Spring Vacation in Queens

Botanical Gardens

Looking for some outdoor activities to kick start your spring vacation off with? Look no further because Queens has one of the most beautiful Botanical Gardens located on Main Street. 39-acres of beautiful land with a bee garden, herb garden, rose garden, and more. A simple walk through the park is the perfect way to start off the spring break vacation. It’s easy, simple, short, and free. Make sure to plan a day to spend outdoors while the flowers are blooming, and the people of the city are walking about. For more information, please follow the link below. 

Citi Fields New York Mets Game

Catching a baseball game with the family and friends is always a perfect springtime event to plan no matter what city you find yourself in. The Citi Fields Stadium is home to the New York Mets and is home to some great games with some of the liveliest fans you will ever come into contact with. Sit back and let the game unravel as you munch on some great food, catch a buzz with your friends and enjoy the energy that the park and its fans radiate. For more information on how to purchase tickets please visit the link below.


Astoria Park

Just below the Triborough Bridge along the East River is the most scenic park you will ever find. If you were looking for the best park in Queens to have a picnic with the family or spend some relaxing time with the friends, then this park is a must visit. Make sure to take some pictures because this park has some of the best views in the city. The bridge spans out across the river and the views of the concrete jungle of New York are priceless. Springtime calls for a lot of outdoor adventures, and this park is the perfect spot for those seeking some great views and a comfortable spot to relax with amazing views. Located on 19 19th Street Astoria, NY 11105. For more information about the park, please feel free to follow the link below.


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