How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Queens, New York

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How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Queens, New York

Being a tourist isn’t a bad thing, for you only wish to travel to places you have never been and who can really shame you for wanting adventure. However, looking like a tourist is certainly something you want to avoid. Locals of many cities simply don’t enjoy high influxes of tourists because it most often impacts their everyday lives. Many travelers decide to travel with little to no pre-learned knowledge of the city they are visiting and because of this act of neglect they have chosen to stick out like a sore thumb, or in this case a tourist. Here in this article, we will be covering how to not look like a tourist in Queens, New York. Learn valuable information that will help you travel with the comfort of knowing you don’t look like a tourist. Visit must see locations and hidden gem establishments that only the locals know about. Here is your one stop shop for everything you need to know in order to not look like a tourist in Queens, New York. Feel free to follow the links provided in this article so you can further your planning. 

Know Before You Go

These facts will help you navigate the city of New York with ease and help you not irritate the locals. Travel with knowledge and follow these facts.

Sidewalk Etiquette


First thing to know is how to walk with purpose and not tick off the locals. New York is full of people walking down the sidewalks that all seem in a hurry for something, so if you want to seem like a local, keep right of the sidewalk and walk like you know where you are going. Nothing irritates the locals more than slow walking tourists that crowd the sidewalks. 

Taxi Rules

Taxis are a major way of getting around the city, and for yellow cabs there will always be a box with numbers on the top of the cab. If it is lit up then it is available to give you a ride, but if the light is off then it is occupied. 

What to Wear

In the winter months you will catch a lot of locals wearing a lot of black. If you wish to fit in, wear black and keep the clothing options less flashy and more low-key. If you are confused on what to wear to not look like a tourist, it is always a safe bet to wear something black and a bit dressier. The city of New York is full of people that know style and if you wish to be treated like a local, wear something with a bit more class. 

Hidden Gems 

Looking for a hidden gem experience then I highly suggest going and visiting the Noguchi Art Museum. The museum is beautiful with great architecture and breathtaking sculptures. Don’t miss this destination. Not many tourists appreciate the finer things, but the locals sure do, so fit right in and head down to the Noguchi Art Museum. For more information, please follow the link below.

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