Making the Most out of #TravelTuesday

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Whether you’ve heard of #TravelTuesday or not doesn’t matter. This popular hashtag is soaring in popularity amid travelers on social media, with over a million mentions on Instagram alone. Traditionally, Travel Tuesday comes after Thanksgiving, following both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Retail stores and online stores partake in sweet deals on these two days, and the travel industry wanted to ride on their coattails.

Nowadays, however, the idea behind the #TravelTuesday hashtag is that Tuesday morning is the best time overall to book your plane tickets, or tickets to any vacation fun you might want to purchase. The price is lower on a Tuesday, which is a day considered a lull. Everyone has fun on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, maybe even Thursday or Monday to take advantage of a long weekend. But Tuesday and Wednesday are in the middle of the week and as such, are the ideal days for booking your travel.

Tuesday is the perfect day to book your tickets, and it is also the perfect day to see the sights, as everyone will still be stuck in the office. When planning a vacation or a business trip, be sure to make one of the days you’re away a Tuesday. 

It’s not only airlines having all the fun on #TravelTuesday, but hotels and car rental businesses are jumping on the bandwagon as well. In one fell swoop, you’ll be able to get great deals on airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel rooms for your vacation, maybe even discounted access to certain theme parks!

This year, the official #TravelTuesday is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which for 2021 falls on Tuesday, December 1st. However, the hashtag #TravelTuesday is exploding on Twitter even now to be a place to showcase your vacation photos as well as suggest great and lovely places to travel. While its first inception might have been a specific day for purchasing travel near the Christmas holiday, this hashtag has morphed to become about any old Tuesday travel and those who partake of it.

Do you have any photographs of vacations from yesteryear? Do you have any stirring sights you have seen in the recent past? Are you currently on vacation and taking pictures left and right? Take advantage of the #TravelTuesday hashtag to show them off and boost your social media presence. It doesn’t matter if you were indeed traveling on a Tuesday, simply using the hashtag is all you need for people to find your content, like it, follow you, and maybe even be directed to your private travel blog or website! The sky is the limit when utilizing this hashtag to your advantage when you are away from home.

If you’re looking for travel deals or simply want to keep your own personal social media relevant, tagging your posts and pictures online with #TravelTuesday while searching social media as well is the best way to make the hashtag work in your favor. Show off your vacation photos, admire the candid photos of others, or find yourself great deals on airfare, all by making use of #TravelTuesday.

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