Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Houston, TX

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Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Houston, TX 

Houston. A beautiful city that is also known as the world capital of space exploration due to the city’s large contributions to both space exploration and science. Houston is known for a lot more though, such as the city’s multiple professional sports teams, its contribution to job creation in the United States, the city’s lovely restaurants and its wide array of things to do, the city of Houston is a city that exudes excitement! After the spring season has arrived, people all over the globe look forward to the exciting holiday of Cinco de Mayo and all of the events that come along with this wonderful holiday. With that being said, the city of Houston offers numerous opportunities to join the fun and celebration of Cinco de Mayo! Let’s explore the city of Houston and find out how this city celebrates this beloved holiday! 

8th Wonder Brewery 

When looking for places in the city of Houston to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, 8th Wonder Brewery needs to make your list. 8th Wonder Brewery is a brewery located in the city of Houston Texas and on Cinco de Mayo, is a great place to celebrate this exciting holiday. When heading over to 8th Wonder Brewery, you will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh and tasty micheladas and delicious fries to go with it that is provided by the Eatsie Boys food truck. These tasty fries are famous in the Houston area and are waffle fries that are

topped with buttered corn, hot sauce, cotija cheese, lime, and even Hot Cheetos! With the fries and the delicious drinks available at 8th Wonder Brewery, this is a perfect way to spend time and celebrate Cinco de Mayo. There is also live music that will be provided from 4p.m. to 9p.m. so that you can get your party on! Visit 8th Wonder Brewery and be amazed by both the tasty fries, drinks, and live performances while you commemorate this amazing holiday!

Pier 6 Seafood and Oyster House 

A wonderful and unique place to spend your Cinco de Mayo in the city of Houston would have to be at the Pier 6 Seafood and Oyster House. The Pier 6 Seafood and Oyster House is a delicious restaurant that resides in the city of Houston and is a perfect option for your Cinco de Mayo celebration! Pier 6 Seafood and Oyster House is great for those looking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo while indulging in fine food and a serene atmosphere. While you are enjoying your tasty seafood by the water, enjoy Pier 6 Seafood and Oyster House’s margaritas, after all, it is Cinco de Mayo!

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