Our Favorite Festivals Around North Houston, TX

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Houston. This Texan giant exemplifies the state’s reputation in all of its endeavors and activities, from manufacturing to sport, energy, healthcare, music, and aeronautics. Indeed, the saying ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ also applies to its events, and is there plenty here year-round! So for the visitor, returnee, and locals alike, read on for some of our favorite autumn festivals and sights here around space city.


One of Houston’s most famous exports is musical sensation Travis Scott, who has taken airwaves and charts the world over by storm with an electrifying and unique blend of vocals, visuals, and autotune. As a result of his reign over the masses, the highly anticipated Astroworld tour (in honor of the late Six Flags Astroworld) brings Scott’s music around the nation, including his hometown of Houston. If you can secure a ticket, brace yourself for an atmosphere and experience that is truly unique to Travis, and enjoy some of his biggest hits in person at ‘Astroworld’. Be sure to act in advance, however. Travis’ appeal brings more and more to Astroworld, meaning this event will only be harder to get into. 


Texas Renaissance Festival

Touted as ‘ the nation’s largest Renaissance theme park ‘ the Texas Renaissance Festival takes center stage throughout autumn offering myriad sights and experiences for visitors. Over twenty-five stages feature shows and performances highlighting some of the most captivating aspects of this long-gone era, including full-contact jousting, free-flying bird shows, bagpipe concerts, a circus, and medieval artisans at work, forging armor, minting coins, and making glass and candles. A great feature of the Texas Renaissance Festival is the rotating special themes, meaning a different experience for each weekend, and ultimately an event that can be revisited! These themes include pirates, Halloween, Rome, Oktoberfest, the Scottish Highlands, and barbarians, making each visit unique and different from the last. Bring the whole group to the Texas Renaissance Festival for an adventure with each visit back in time!


Dia de Los Muertos at Sugar Land Heritage Foundation

Celebrate this day of remembrance and family with the city of Houston at the Dia de Los Muertos celebration, and enjoy the lively song, dance, crafts, and pastries all-embracing the strong Hispanic heritage of the city. For families, groups, couples, and solo travelers alike, everyone can enjoy the lights, sounds, and sights of this Holiday and share in culture and festivities. If you are in Houston during this event, we highly recommend this.

Texas Market Days

The Market Days all over Texas are a great way to experience Houston’s strong sense of community and the Texas identity, proudly boasting arts, crafts, music, produce, and food all local. Each Market Day event around Houston brings its own unique flair and focus to a subculture or area of Houston, but all are great opportunities to interact and get to personally acquaint yourself with the activities and businesses of Houston’s many neighborhoods. 


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