How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Houston, Texas

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How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Houston, Texas

Travel with knowledge, fit in as a local in any city you visit, and learn some essential pieces of knowledge that will help you know the city you are visiting beforehand. Welcome to your one stop shop for all things needed to know before visiting a city. From hole in the wall establishments that only the locals know about to basic facts to know before visiting that will help you not look like a tourist in the city you are traveling to. Let’s face it, looking like a tourist is not what anyone wants. We want the locals to embrace us as one of their own, and we want to traverse the city we are visiting with confidence and enjoyment. Here in this article, we will be exploring Houston, and listing all the things needed to know before you go so that you won’t look like a tourist. Follow the links provided under each option to further your planning. Thank you for being a well-informed traveler and have safe travels. 

Don’t Look Like a Tourist by Knowing This

Sometimes not looking like a tourist only means to be well-informed on the city you are visiting and not participating in normal touristy things. Don’t go to the most popular spots that are swamped with tourists and cameras, eat at hole in the wall restaurants, and visit when the tourism is low. Here are a few things you need to know before visiting Houston, Texas.

Where to Stay

Hotels are a clear indication of a tourist. Beat the crowd and try to find some better options on Airbnb for houses, apartments, and more options that feel like a home away from home. Visit with comfort that beats any hotel and be separated from the stress and craziness of the locations that hotels are usually located in. Here is a list of Airbnb rentals you can stay at while visiting Houston next. For more information, follow the links provided. 


Studio Loft

There are many more options for casual stay in Houston, so make sure to do your research and avoid looking like a tourist by staying in something other than a hotel.

Weather Unpredictability

Houston is known for unpredictable weather. With June being one of the wettest months of the year most travelers under pack and are unprepared for occasional showers. Do not be that person and make sure to plan ahead by looking at the weather and packing accordingly. 

Food Must Haves

Do not miss your chance to enjoy some fine Tex-Mex cuisine. Texas is known to combine some odd cultures and put them all on one plate as a new and fascinating creation. Take your visit seriously and do not miss your chance to enjoy some great food. Ninfa’s is a great restaurant that serves the city of Houston with great creations such as tacos, seafood, steak, and much more. For more information, please follow the link below.

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