Best Picnic Spots Near Jacksonville FL

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What better way to take advantage of Florida’s year-round sunshine than to be in the great outdoors, in beautiful surroundings, with a picnic packed with your favorite food. If you are in the Jacksonville area then you have come to the right place. In the article below we have put together a list of the best picnic spots near Jacksonville, FL, so you can plan the perfect day out in the Sunshine State.


Stockton Park is ideal for those who love to combine a bit of fishing with their picnic trip. Being close to so much water, Jacksonville has plenty of great fishing spots, and you won’t get much better than here. The park also has lots of picnic tables set up on high ground giving you spectacular views of the nature that surrounds you including St. John’s River. A picnic in Stockton Park is one of the most tranquil experiences you can have.


This botanical garden is one of our top recommendations as a picnic spot due to the vast amount of stunning flora in every inch. Having a picnic is about relaxing as well as having fun, andJacksonville Arboretum and Gardens provides such a backdrop for relaxation. If you like to get in a bit of exercise after you have your food, there are hiking trails and walking paths for you to explore the environment, and even a water fountain for dogs, so the whole family can be part of the day.


On the water’s edge of St. John’s River, memorial park has wonderful views that will keep you staring for hours. You can set up your picnic at the benches, or along the river and listen to water go by as you enjoy your favorite food. There are also play areas for kids, and the park welcomes dogs. Memorial Park is always well maintained, meaning you can have the most serene setting possible for your day out.


Mandarin Park is another place that offers a great fishing spot to combine with your picnic. There is a pier for you to fish fro or to just watch the world go by. No doubt there are some truly beautiful parks in Jacksonville, and this is definitely one of the most beautiful in the area.


As the name suggests, if you have kids then this is an excellent place for your family to come for a picnic. It is extremely kid friendly with playgrounds and sports areas, and there are bleachers, picnic benches, and grills to help you have the best time. The park is always packed with families but it is big enough that you can always find space for your own family too.

Jacksonville has so much to offer in the way of good weather and even better scenery, and the whole city is full of parks. We have chosen our top five, but of course, there are plenty more for you to explore and make your own top five picnic spots.

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