Outdoor activities near Jacksonville FL

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With glorious sunshine beaming down on the state of Florida throughout most of the year, being outside as much as possible is definitely part of the culture down here. You can spend your time walking in the sun, taking in the views, and grabbing a drink at the beach, but there are also lots of outdoor activities to do as well. Below, you can find a guide on some of the top outdoor activities near Jacksonville FL to make your free time even more fun.


If you want to see some of nature’s biggest cats, then this is the perfect place for you. This nonprofit organization has been established to protect and house endangered cats such as tigers, leopards, and cougars. You can also see some of the resident bobcats and foxes too. Not only is this a great day out, but you will be supporting the sanctuary with your visit, and learning about other ways you can help these precious animals.


In the Arlington neighborhood, you will find this relatively hidden gem. At the Jacksonville Arboretum, you can walk along the hiking trails, see various wildlife in their habitats, including turtles, and take in the beautiful and calming dights of the ponds and streams. You could easily get lost in nature here – in a good way!


Head up the city’s river on a kayak or canoe, take a guided tour or go at your own pace, and unwind as you listen to the calm ripples in the water. There are few better ways to see nature than being on the water, and this adventure will more than fulfill your expectations. Oh, and there’s also paddleboarding available!


There isn’t a particular place you should go fishing but there are so many options and all of them are great. Jacksonville is an ideal spot for fishing, and there is an abundance of waters where you can set up, grab a drink, and get lost in your own thoughts. It’s also a great way to meet new people if you are new to the area and are looking for some friends. Even if you have never fished before, it’s worth giving it chance, because you might just find your new favorite outdoor activity.


Have you always wanted to jump into the waves and surf but are far too embarrassed about falling off? Well, at Jax surf and paddle they give lessons to all levels, and can skillfully teach you how you can become the surfer you’ve always wanted to be. Once you know how to surf, the ocean will be waiting for you every time you want to get outside and spend some time on your board in the water.

Jacksonville is such a fantastic place to live, there a few better combinations than the ocean and good weather, and there are certainly plenty of things for you to take advantage of both of these things and spend some time outdoors.

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