Renting Ebikes in Jacksonville, Florida

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If you’re staying in Jacksonville and looking for something new and exciting pastime, consider renting an electronic bike! Ebikes are gaining ground in popularity as a bicycle with an electric motor that assists the operator whenever they pedal the bike. This makes for an easy ride as well as being able to cover longer distances without breaking a sweat. Florida law classifies electric bikes as regular bikes, and not as scooters or mopeds. This means ebikes are allowed to go wherever a normal bike can go. A driver’s license is not needed to ride an ebike.

Ebikes are not to be operated by anyone under the age of 16. However, those 16 years and older are not required to wear helmets.

A great shop that rents ebikes is Pedego Ponte Vedra. The fees for these bike rentals range from $25 an hour and $100 a day, to $35 a day and $125 a day. The ebikes themselves range from a beach cruiser, to a serious mountain bike, to a tandem bike! Whatever your need, you’ll find it here. Each rental is provided with a lock and a helmet. If you love your electric bike so much that you’d wish to buy one, you’re in luck! Your rental fees will go toward the price of purchase.

If you’re looking for a fantastic trail in and around Jacksonville, look no further than the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail. This trail clocks in at 14.5 miles long. It used to be an old railway, but now it has been turned into a bike trail. This trail winds through wooded areas as well as open grass, making for sweeping vistas that are sure to please on your tour of this trail.

Another offering you might enjoy would be the Timucuan Trail. This trail runs through both of the Talbot Island State Parks and is 4.8 miles in length. While this trail is relatively short, plans are in the works to build this trail to one day be 18 miles long. Even so, this trail is perfect for viewing local wildlife and even birdwatching. It travels through untouched wilderness, making this ride scenic and peaceful. You do not want to miss this one!

Finally, there is Tillie K Fowler Regional Park, which is close to the city and offers shorter trails for novices or the rider who doesn’t wish to have an all-day adventure. Trails are even and smooth with no rough terrain. If you’ve got a busy schedule, this park offers several great trails for you. These trails might be quick, but they are no less beautiful as they meander through wetlands and pine trees, giving riders a chance to appreciate the Florida landscape.

If you want to go on a new and exciting adventure, rent an ebike and explore the wilds of Jacksonville!

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