What is open in Jacksonville FL during the coronavirus?

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If you feel a little overwhelmed with the rules and regulations now put in place due to the coronavirus, don’t worry, you are not alone. It is hard to keep up with the ever-changing events, and part of this is the changing rules about businesses. With this in mind, we have put together a guide on what is open in Jacksonville, FL, during the coronavirus; while we cannot name them all, we can give you an idea of a few places you can go at the moment.


This clothing store services the whole city, in fact, there are several locations in the immediate Jacksonville area, and all have been able to stay open as normal during the coronavirus. Stein Mart is a clothing and accessory store for all ages, and genders, they specialize in designer apparel at hugely discounted prices, so it’s an excellent store to stock up your wardrobe, especially with the season changing, while not paying over the odds.


Some good news is that hair salons are beauty parlors are now allowed to be open during the ongoing coronavirus. Having a professional haircut, or a pamper session may seem trivial to some people, but to others, it’s an important part of their routine. In and around Jacksonville, there are a few great choices, including Hawthorn Salon, RIO Hair Studio, and Foiled Rotten Salon to name a few.


Home Depot is an extremely important business, just think about how many times you’ve had a problem in your home, even something quite serious such as a plumbing or heating issue, and you have had to go to Home Depot in order to find the solution. Because of how essential this shop is for most people’s lives, Home Depot has been open during the coronavirus and will continue to be so for the duration. They are committed to keeping customers safe though, so you will need to wear a mask, follow social distancing, and check your local store’s closing times since these are currently different from normal to allow them extra time for cleaning and sanitizing each night.


Like most people, you have probably spent more time than ever before in your kitchen the last few months. Cooking at home can be fun, and it is no doubt cheaper than eating out, but sometimes you really need a break from home-cooking. There are some great restaurants that have been able to open during this time in Jacksonville, and we have put a few of our recommendations below. However, be sure to call ahead as some places are currently only able to offer takeout or delivery.

  • Restaurant Orsay
  • BB’s Restaurant and Bar
  • Marker 32
  • Taverna
  • Black Sheep Restaurant
  • Matthew’s Restaurant
  • Seasons 52
  • Southern Charm
  • The Capital Grille
  • Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

It’s not always easy to make the adjustments put in place, or even have enough patience to deal with this stressful situation, but it is good to know that there are still places you can visit in your local area anytime you need to have a change of scenery from being at home!

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