Where To Eat And Drink At Jacksonville International Airport

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Are you looking for the best meals and refreshments Jacksonville International Airport has to offer?

Don’t fret. Here’s a list of where to eat and drink at the Jacksonville International Airport:

1. J&C Crab

J&C Crab boasts the best Seafood Cajun Boil in and around JAX, and they very well may be right. The interior of the place is well-maintained, clean and sports a friendly vibe. You can order king crabs, snow crab legs or make up your own seafood combo. There are kid-friendly meals such as fried chicken tenders and shrimp baskets as well. Start off with an appetizer and finish it off with a cold Modelo, a Long Island or a Pina Colada. Serving size is generous and the staff are attentive. It’s a must-visit!

2. Marco Polo Chinese Restaurant & Mongolian BBQ

Are you hungry for some tasty, all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ for a decent price? You’ve come to the right place. The main star of the show is the restaurant meat (pork, chicken or beef) and the smorgasbord of shrimp, egg and vegetables on the side. Furthermore, there are various sauces and a guide on how you can add the right sauce according to your preference. The hot bar has a few types of soup, mein noodles, fried rice and dim sum you can pick out and try. The staff is a noteworthy mention- they’re efficient and know their menu well. Make sure you’re not in a hurry to really enjoy the food at Marco Polo.

3. Vino Volo

Vino Volo is a small and cozy place right at JAX Concourse C. The wine bar has an extensive wine list for even the most discerning adult. You can pair up a glass of wine along with several dainty dishes, including a cheese plate, some tapas and the usual sandwich and salad fare. What’s more, you can go on a mini wine-tasting tour with knowledgeable staff and without breaking the bank.

4. Fujiyama Japanese Steak & Sushi Restaurant

A local sushi spot that’s sure to please your palate. If you haven’t had Japanese steak before, head straight to City Station Dr. and try it ASAP. The menu is interestingly varied and worded simply, so you’ll have a general idea of what to expect when the food comes. The sashimi and sushi appetizer sets things off and acts as a gateway to soups, salads and more. The hand-rolled sushi tastes awesome, as is the habachi grill entrees. Price is a bit higher but the food experience is definitely worth it.

5. Black Sheep Restaurant

Black Sheep Restaurant features ingredients that come from regional and local farmers within a sustainable food platform. You get fresh dairy, seafood, produce and meat that came from markets and towns around the Georgia and Florida region. The Daily Specials is a good place to start if you’re new to the place. Otherwise, you can have your fill of Black Sheep staples and long-time favorites such as roasted oysters, the Catch of the Day, Berkshire pork chops, roasted duck breast, porchetta banh mi and others. Finish it off with a decadent dessert of choice or some signature cocktails that hits the spot just right.

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