Our Favorite Festivals Around Oakland, CA

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Oakland. This city continues to spearhead the dynamic pursuits and culture of the East Bay, producing famous additions to sport and music, as well as inspiring various subcultures. This energy is a year-round specialty of Oakland, and whether you may be a visitor, returnee, or local, you’ll be pleased to know it is indeed something quite visible in the events around here. Read on for some of our favorite autumn-time festivals and events here in Oakland, and get ready to explore!

Hiero Day

A tradition truly unique and representative of the dynamic spirit of Oakland, Hiero Day is a fun opportunity to pack the streets of Oakland and jam out to the Hieroglyphics, a rap group native to the city! Oakland’s long history of street and underground music festivals takes its proudest stand each year in this recognition of the hip-hop of the Bay Area, where community and artists share a few days out of their year to jam together. Each iteration of Hiero Day only brings larger and larger crowds, with food trucks, vendors, local initiatives, artists, smaller musicians and partygoers added to the mix! Bring the group to Hiero Day for an Oakland experience partying, enjoying the music, and getting to see Oakland at its most electric.


Eat Real

With the mix of immigrant groups, talents, identities, and experiments in the varied and tasty gastronomy of the Bay Area, taming this into a festival proves quite the challenge, but is achieved nevertheless every year at the Eat Real Festival! Hawaiian, Spanish, Russian, Mexican, vegan, farm-to-table, and countless other movements and entries serve visitors each year amid a colorful and community-focused atmosphere. Beignets, tuna butsu, crab pasta, fresh oysters, matcha soft serve, Danish pancakes, and more take center stage in a fierce (-ly mouthwatering) battle for the hearts and stomachs of Oaklanders. In addition to the delicious options, live music and interactive classes have been a feature of Eat Real’s plethora of activities with its growth! Visitors can learn how to butcher fresh seafood, pickle, and can their own food or how to garden for a kitchen! For a laid-back, fun (and delicious!) experience under the Oakland sun, bring everyone to the Eat Real Festival.


Black Cowboy Parade 

Oakland’s long and storied history includes being a mecca and crossroads for many groups, among those the Black American and cowboy communities. This intersection of American culture makes its most welcoming and prominent appearance at the Oakland Black Cowboy Parade, where visitors of all backgrounds are encouraged to enjoy the day with Cowboys and locals celebrating cowboy culture. Aside from live music and food, visitors can enjoy the cheerful parade, watch trick riders and even participate in the cultures of an older West. This festival is a great way to learn about Western and Californian histories, as well as get to know the Oakland community all in a friendly environment. 


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