Aquariums around Philadelphia, PA

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Whether you’re a tourist drawing up travel plans, visiting friends and family and looking for an event, or just a local who is always up for an adventure, look no further than the diversity of aquatic life around Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a city blessed in nature and a number of aquatic animals and habitats inside its institutions and around its borders. Read on for some of our favorite aquarium experiences around Philadelphia.

Adventure Aquarium

Just over the Delaware River in Philadelphia’s premier center for aquatic life, the aptly-named Adventure Aquarium! Over 15,000 animals reside in more than 7.6 million liters of water, in a series of exhibits and experiences that transport visitors over some of our planet’s most enchanting environments. Some of the notable species visitors can see here include the African penguin, Atlantic blacktip shark, axolotl, giant grouper, hammerhead shark, giant Pacific octopus, Nile hippopotamus, and cownose stingray. These aquatic celebrities and more live in their own dedicated exhibits, from the Hippo Haven, Penguin Park, Piranha Falls, Sea Turtle Cove, Shark Realm, and the famous views of the Shark Tunnel. In addition, there is also a number of exhibits encompassing larger biomes for a variety of age groups, Ocean Realm and Little Blue Beach being two of these. 

The Adventure Aquarium also affords visitors opportunities for hands-on, individual learning experiences as part of its vision to serve the Philadelphia community as it serves aquatic species across the world. A series of touch tanks are a great way to get a personal introduction to species of stingrays, tidal animals, and smaller shark species. Those who want a more daring experience can also brave the shark bridge, an exhilarating walk over the shark tank!

True to its name, the Adventure Aquarium also offers a range of even more personal and in-depth experiences by appointment, representing a variety of options for visitors of all interests. Those who quite literally want to be immersed in the action have the chance to don a wetsuit and swim through a vibrant community of sandbar sharks, sand tiger sharks, and stingrays. Fans of specific species can also reserve their chance with the mighty hippo, eccentric African penguins, loggerhead sea turtle, or a number of ambassador species. These visits also include a hands-on part in learning about the care and daily lives of these animals, and a tour with aquarium staff to answer any questions. Visitors more interested in the workings of the aquarium itself can also book a behind-the-scenes tour, to learn more about the everyday feats needed to provide for the many inhabitants of the Adventure Aquarium. 

Besides these experiences and exhibits, the Adventure Aquarium also offers a number of fun dining and shopping options and welcomes groups of all sizes. Also of note is the rotating list of events, regular and limited time that bring visitors and locals alike back to the Adventure Aquarium.

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