Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Near Queens, NY

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Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Near Queens, NY 

Queens. A beautiful part of New York City known for its linguistic diversity, for ethical diversity, for being one of the safest areas in New York City, and its wide array of things to do. After the spring season has arrived, people all over the globe look forward to the exciting holiday of Cinco de Mayo and all of the events that come along with this wonderful holiday. With that being said, Queens, New York offers numerous opportunities to join the fun and celebration of Cinco de Mayo! Let’s explore Queens, New York and find out how this city celebrates this beloved holiday! 

Cinco de Mayo 

When looking for a place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo when spending time in Queens, New York, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect place. Cinco de Mayo at Cinco de Mayo? That is correct! Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican restaurant around Queens and is the perfect place to celebrate this beloved holiday. This restaurant loves this holiday so much that it is named after it! Cinco de Mayo is a great place to sit down and enjoy this restaurant’s delicious foods and drinks, but you are also welcomed to take the fiesta home with you. When stopping by Cinco de Mayo, enjoy the restaurant’s tasty signature paella, guacamole, nachos, or its Bistec a la Tampiquena. When your family and friends ask what you are doing for Cinco de Mayo, simply reply, Cinco de Mayo!

B.B.’s Pub & Grill 

Another excellent option when celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Queens, New York is at B.B.’s Pub & Grill. B.B.’s Pub & Grill is a restaurant around Queens, New York and should make your list when looking for spots to celebrate this exciting holiday. Once the clock strikes 9p.m., people make their ways to B.B. ‘s Pub & Grill to get their fiesta on! B.B.’s Pub & Grill is hosting their special Cinco de Mayo After Dark event. The Cinco de Mayo After Dark event entails delicious foods, refreshing drinks, and live music from the music group that goes by the name of After Dark. After Dark is a group of veterans that have experienced combat throughout their tours. After Dark will be sure to elevate your Cinco de Mayo celebration with good music that will make you want to be the first one on the dance floor! B.B’s Pub & Grill is an excellent option for those looking to enjoy the night with their friends or spouses as you commemorate this beloved holiday. Visit B.B.’s Pub & Grill during this year’s Cinco de Mayo and let your inner fiesta shine!

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