Our favourite ways to spend summer in Newark, NJ

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Among contrasting characters between neighbourhoods, a wealth of institutions of Higher Learning and the arts, and famously large scores of Cherry Blossoms, there is much more than one first knows when they come to Newark. If your summer plans are in Newark, continue reading for some of our favourite things to do. 

Branch Brook Park

The Branch Brook Park, also known by its apt moniker, Cherryblossomland is what the name suggests, but words fail to capture the beauty among its trees. More than five thousand Cherry Blossoms bloom in April over three hundred and fifty acres, across gentle hills, open grass and calm ponds. Whether to enjoy a picnic, a day at the park, a date for two or just to sit for a while outside, Branch Brook Park provides tranquillity in its soft pinks, whites and greens. 

Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park

The Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park provides indoor roller coasters, including one of the world’s steepest roller coasters, the TMNT shellraiser, as well as drop towers, a mini Ferris wheel, and all sorts of flipping and spinning attractions. The compact size of the Theme park and its variety of thrills is great for families, groups, children or the young at heart. The Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park is also very close to many restaurants and shopping options, providing more activities to fill the day.

Lincoln Park Music Festival

The Lincoln Park Music touts itself as the best-kept secret in Newark, which captures the strong sense of local talent and community at the festival. Every summer, crowds gather outside for live performances in multiple genres, including Soul, House, Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop and other community initiatives including Christian and independent film. Celebrated among Newark’s community, Lincoln Park Music Festival is a great way to witness Newark’s local musical heritage and love for the arts, all in a bustling and proud atmosphere. Admission is free and the festival takes place over several days on different dates during the summer, starting usually in the early afternoon well into the night.

The Newark Museum of Arts’ Jazz in the Garden

Every Thursday in July, The Newark Museum of the Arts continues its mission of serving the public by offering a pleasant experience of open-air Jazz music. At the beautiful Alice Ransom Dreyfuss Memorial Garden, Jazz musicians play for the public at the Museum grounds. Aside from the Music and a chance to meditate, food is usually on sale at the event, whether creole classics like Jambalaya or Mini Pizzas. Some performers in Jazz in the Garden’s past include renowned Japanese Organist Akiko Tsuruga, Visionary Etienne Charles, Vanessa Rubin, Mark Gross, Carla Cook and Marc Cary. For fans of Jazz, fans of music, or just those looking for a place with good food, good music and a good atmosphere, we recommend the Jazz in the Garden while you’re in Newark for the summer. 

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