Sustainable Travel in Washington, DC

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The lovely city of Washington DC has so many event options to choose from while touring the great city.  Pack your bags, bring your walking shoes, and follow the sustainable tips and tricks this article has to provide.  Whether it’s supporting businesses that have sustainable methods of operating or getting out into nature to give our appreciation to the wildlife that surrounds the city many options allow the visitors to contribute to eco-friendly tourism.  Dulles has its historic monuments that date back to the birth of our great country and are a must-see when visiting.  Dulles also has many wonderful eateries and businesses that set the standard for sustainable practices.  Let’s make sure to use our travels as a way to give back to the city of Dulles and to also give back to the planet.  Here in this article is a list of green events to plan out and sustainable businesses to support.  

Historic Monuments and Green Parks

Not too far out of the city of Dulles is the Washington DC area that houses some of the nation’s most significant government monuments and buildings.  The Lincoln Memorial provides the perfect picture opportunity and memories that will last a lifetime.  The White House has served as the nation’s greatest government building for centuries.  The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial has brought so much diversity from around the world to see.  The Thomas Jefferson Memorial and many more monuments each hold so much national history and beauty.  It would be a disservice to yourself and the city if you did not take the time to explore these national treasures.  

The term sustainable travel is very broad and sometimes is as simple as visiting destinations that hold such significant history and beauty.  Take a day or two and give your appreciation to these monuments and leave feeling fulfilled in your journey.  The monuments are a great example of how our species has overcome struggle and innovated in a way that promotes the survival of all that seek freedom.  Feel free to follow the links below to plan out your trip to see these historic monuments and give back to the city through your support.  Pack a lunch and make sure to travel with a small trash bag to clean up any excess trash you see around the parks.  Picking up others’ trash is a small and yet very significant way of leaving the place better than you found it.  The city will thank you and the world will be grateful for your existence.

Manassas National Battlefield Park

Just a short drive outside of the city of Dulles lies a 5000 Acre park that consists of the lands the first and second battles of the civil war of Manassas happened.  A great getaway from the city and an adventure that will be sure to reconnect you back to the blue skies and green fields and education that runs deep within the nation’s history.  Hike around the battlefield and let your imagination run rampant through the endless fields of green grass and thriving trees. For more information about the park please follow the link below.  When in the state of Virginia, we must pay our respects to the state’s ability to conserve such historic lands.  Our travels are based around eco-friendly events and planning a trip to see these battlefields is a sure way to support the continued conservation of history and green lands.

Great Falls Park

Want to hike a trail that leads you to some amazing waterfalls and riverside attractions?  Great Falls Park is just a short drive outside of the city of Dulles and has so much to offer for outdoor enthusiasts and eco-friendly tourists.  Bring some appropriate hiking shoes and some warmer clothing because the trails are close to the water and it tends to be a bit colder and slippery.  This destination is a must-hike and a must-see experience for all that wish to travel with their carbon footprint in mind.  Traveling green and keeping the world alive and well is as easy as planning a hiking trip for one day out of your visit to the wonderful city of Dulles.  The city sits around some of the most iconic hiking areas and parks, so it is no wonder why there are so many options for outdoor experiences.  Give back to the planet in many ways while hiking this trail.  Pick up trash, admire the wildlife, and encourage your friends to take some time out of their busy lives to give appreciation to the natural beauty of the planet.

For more information about the park and what to expect please follow the link below.

Dulles Virginia is surrounded by some of the nation’s most historic monuments and memorials and is also home to some amazing green parks to hike and adventure.  So, make sure to plan on some outdoor experiences while in the city and give back to the planet through your appreciation and planning of eco-conscious events.  On top of that make sure to ditch the car and walk the city to limit your carbon footprint.  

Sustainable travel is a choice.  One which we must begin to take seriously and make a top priority when visiting any city.  The Earth we inhabit is a living thing and we must do anything and everything in our power to limit climate change and lower our carbon footprint.  The choices to travel green are more available than ever and the mission to create a healthier world has already begun.  Don’t be late to the movement and do your research on how you can travel with an eco-friendly mindset that not only benefits you but the whole world.  If we wish to continue our travels to these great cities for many more years, then we must understand that it is up to us to make sure that dream becomes reality.  Travel green and show the planet your appreciation.   

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