Alaska Travel Guide

Traveling to Alaska

Alaska Travel Guide

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Are you looking to vacation in a place that boasts adventure in the great outdoors as well as breathtaking landscapes? We have just the place for you. Stick with us and find out why the beautiful state of Alaska should be on your list when looking for a place to treat yourself and your family to a vacation. 

Alaska is a unique state for many different reasons. You can actually see the country of Russia from certain parts of Alaska. Certain parts of Alaska become completely dark outside for two months during the winter season. Alaska’s population is over 736,000 people and many people visit this magnificent state to experience Alaska’s Northern Lights, the amazing fishing, opportunities for adventure, and much more. Let's find out why you should vacation in this lovely state. 

Best Places to Stay 

One of the most important parts about booking any trip is finding where you will be staying during your time there. Lucky for you, Alaska offers plenty of options. If you are looking for somewhere cheap such as a small hotel, for somewhere more luxurious where you can appreciate beautiful and historic architecture, or for a house to rent out for total privacy, Alaska will be sure to accommodate. If you are outdoorsy and prefer to spend your nights under the stars, Alaska also provides plenty of different camping site options for you as well. 

Bed and Breakfasts 

One way to save money while also being able to experience the culture of Alaska is staying at one of the state’s bed and breakfasts. These lovely little places each offer a certain charm about them, with most of them being family owned, staying at a bed and breakfast when in Alaska will ensure a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

One wonderful option is at Our Alaskan Dream B&B. Our Alaskan Dream B&B is a bed and breakfast owned and run by the Stick family and is located just thirty miles from Anchorage Alaska. Our Alaskan Dream B&B boasts four inviting rooms and sits on six acres of land that boasts beautiful views, a warm atmosphere, and of course, a delicious breakfast. 

Another great option is at A Taste Of Alaska Lodge. This bed and breakfast truly gives you “a taste of Alaska” with its roots deeply embedded in the Alaskan homesteading heritage. This lovely bed and breakfast was built by the family who runs it today using wood from the very trees that sit on the property. A Taste Of Alaska Lodge offers warm and cozy rooms as well as beautiful views of Mt. Denali. This lovely lodge will give you a comfortable stay with a vintage, Alaskan experience. 

Last, but certainly not least, the Ski Inn is another great option when in Alaska. The Ski Inn is situated in the Chugach Mountains and is known as a place for those seeking adventure. The Ski Inn is located near restaurants as well, making it a very convenient place to settle in. The lovely Ski Inn offers seven different rooms that are all well appointed, as well as a delicious breakfast each morning. There are “grab and go” options for breakfast as well, perfect for when you are rushing out the door to your next adventure and need some grub. 

Stay in any of these lovely options and you will be sure to enjoy delicious breakfast and Alaskan charm without breaking the bank.

Alaska's Best Luxury Hotels 

If you are looking to treat yourself to a luxurious experience, Alaska has options that will be sure to suit your fancy. These wonderful luxury hotels have plenty to offer such as elegant dining, breathtaking architecture, beautiful landscaping, and an experience that will have you feeling like a king. 

One place to stay when seeking an adventurous experience in Alaska is at the Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge. The Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge is an all inclusive lodge that not only provides you with a lavish place to rest your head but also many different things to do, such as trips to take photographs of wild brown bears in the area, guided kayaking trips, halibut fishing trips, and much more. The Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge also provides a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner that is included in your stay. 

The Hotel Captain Hook is another fantastic option. Located in the city of Anchorage, it is known to be the city’s most prestigious hotel. This lovely hotel was originally built by the governor of Alaska and is now run by his son. The Hotel Captain Hook offers top-notch rooms and suites, as well a fitness center and a fabulous on-site spa. Stay in the hotel’s Crow’s Nest Suites and be treated to magnificent views of the Chugach Mountains.

Staying in Alaska’s fancy hotels will allow you to not only have a wonderful experience, but also allow you to step foot in some of the state's most iconic and beautiful buildings. 

Vacation Rentals 

Are you traveling to Alaska with a large group of friends or family? In that case, the best option for you would be a vacation rental. You can rent anything from spacious homes and villas to condos or apartments. Need a kitchen? These rentals offer all the comforts of home in a tropical setting. Check out AirBnB for available properties for rent during your trip. There’s sure to be something to fit your needs. 

Camping Sites 

Many people come to Alaska to experience its great outdoors and all that it has to offer, which is why camping in Alaska is a very popular activity. Let's take a look at some of the best camping sites that you should keep in mind if you find yourself wanting to spend a night underneath the stars. 

One great place to enjoy some quality camping in Alaska is at the Brushkana Creek Campground. This lovely campground is a great place to take advantage of the area around the Denali National Park. The Brushkana Creek Campground offers twenty-two first come first serve campsites that are great for tent camping but can also fit a small trailer or RV if needed. Many stay in this campground due to the location near the beautiful Brushkana Creek.

Another great camping spot is at the Chena Lake Recreation Area. This beautiful location gives visitors an excellent view of the famous Northern Lights. At Chena Lake Recreation Area, you are able to experience the beautiful Alaskan wilderness while also not being far from town. You will very likely see wild animals making their way through the campsite. There are forty-five different camping spots for you to choose from and if you go during the summer months, the Chena Lake Recreation Area is a very popular place to enjoy some swimming. You can also take advantage of the lake if you enjoy fishing or boating. 

Places to See 

One of the most popular destinations in Alaska is the city of Anchorage. Strolling down the streets of Anchorage, you will take in the beautiful mountains around you as well as the feeling of adventure. There are plenty of places to shop as well as restaurants in this city. Things to do in Anchorage include: 

Fishing - One of the most popular activities to do in the city, many people flock from all over the world to Anchorage in hopes to catch a trophy fish. Anchorage is known as one of the United State’s best fishing cities. Anglers are looking to catch rainbow trout, salmon, arctic grayling, and more. 

Performances - One of the best places to catch a show in Alaska would be the city of Anchorage. In the downtown park, concerts hosted there as well as drive-in comedy shows and much more. 

Adventure Tours - There are many different adventure tours near Anchorage. Adventure tours include kayaking tours, wildlife tours, fishing tours, and more. Whenever you visit Anchorage, you can be assured that there will be something exciting at every corner. 

Another great city that is worth visiting when spending time in Alaska is Fairbanks. Fairbanks, also known as the “Golden Heart City,” is home to a diverse culture. Many visitors visit this lovely city to enjoy stunning views of the Northern Lights. Add Fairbanks to your destination list when traveling to Alaska and you will not be disappointed. 


One of the most important parts of any trip is collecting souvenirs to bring home commemorating your time on vacation. 

Fantastic shopping can be found at the Great Alaskan Bowl Company. The Great Alaskan Bowl Company is located in Bethel and offers the opportunity to purchase a custom bowl as well as observe the craftsmanship of how each bowl is made. The Great Alaskan Bowl Company is one of the few traditional bowl mills around, making this shopping trip not only a way to scratch your shopping itch but also an opportunity to learn. 

More fantastic shopping can be done at the Anchorage Market. Located in the city of Anchorage, the Anchorage Market boasts over 200 vendors all selling unique wares that you can only find at this market. Whether you are looking for homemade goods or fine jewelry, the Anchorage Market has something for you. 

When planning your trip, take note of any special festivals that may be happening while you’re there. The festivals often include crafts for kids as well as displays of artistry available for purchase. 

Dining Options 

You simply cannot go on a trip without trying to experience some of the food that the culture has to offer. A great way to experience food that isn’t like the food from back home is by visiting local favorites. Wherever you find yourself in Alaska, finding a delicious local restaurant is a must. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an easy place to grab a quick bite to eat or for a place to enjoy some fine dining, Alaska has it all. Lucky for you, Alaska boasts some of the best places to enjoy tasty food so you will be sure to find something that you will enjoy. 

Fine Dining 

If you happen to be visiting Alaska for a special occasion such as your honeymoon, an anniversary, or you simply appreciate fine dining, Alaska will not disappoint. 

Come eat at the Crow’s Nest. The Crow’s Nest is located at the Hotel Captain Hook in downtown Anchorage. The Crow’s Nest offers a unique dining experience while giving guests beautiful views of the city and nearby mountains. The skilled chefs use their talent to create tasty and unique French cuisine. The Crow’s Nest menu has delicious seafood options as well as steaks, along with many more options all sourced locally, ensuring you have fresh and fabulous food. 

The Homestead Restaurant boasts an atmosphere that celebrates Alaskan culture. This restaurant sits in the small town of Homer, Alaska and is a prime example of a hidden gem. There are many different options that the Homestead Restaurant offers such as delicious locally-caught seafood as well as options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Visiting this lovely restaurant gives you the opportunity to experience good food and celebrate Alaskan culture. 

Casual Dining 

When looking for a casual dining spot in Alaska, Tequila 61 is a great place to unwind. Tequila 61 is a Mexican restaurant located in Anchorage. This tasty restaurant offers mouth-watering dishes such as delicious mole, crunchy tacos, chicken enchiladas, and much more. This restaurant is perfect for you and your family to grab a bite to eat while you ponder on what is to come on your adventure in Alaska. 

An Unforgettable Adventure, A Timeless Experience 

When picking Alaska for your next vacation, you have certainly picked the right place. With so many things to do and so many things to learn about and appreciate, visiting Alaska will be an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Whatever the occasion, you’ll never regret visiting this lovely part of the world.

Sunset in Alaska with a lake and mountains
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