France Travel Guide

Traveling to France

France Travel Guide

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A destination of luxury, finer things, beauty, and refined culture, France is one of Europe’s most diverse and picturesque destinations filled with experiences and sights to see and do. It’s time for you to have the adventure of your life on your trip to France and here you’ll find all the knowledge, information, and things you’ll need to know before stepping foot in France. Safe travels and feel free to follow the links provided within this article to deepen your search for answers you need for the best Travel information about France.

Requirements for Travel

If you wish to travel with ease, all you will need is a valid passport that won’t expire anytime soon. As far as proof of vaccination for COVID-19, you will not need it upon departure and landing. Make sure you are healthy and take your health and the health of others into consideration. Travel smart and stay informed on up to date requirements through Travel State Gov.

Best Places to Stay in France

For the best trip to France possible you’ll want to find a comfortable place to lay your head down at the end of the day. Not only does it have to be comfortable, but it also needs to be within the vicinity of some great attractions and sights. Whether you are looking for a hotel that is located in the heart of some major cities or looking for a more humble and isolated bed and breakfast, we have you covered here in this section of the article. Feel free to follow the links to find more information on each place listed. 

Grand Pigalle is located in one of the most popular neighborhoods of France with social experiences, some of the best restaurants, bars that radiate with positive energy, and is connected to some of the greatest attractions France has to offer. Each room may be on the more compact side of things, but it surely makes up for its brilliant design and commodities. If ultimate comfort, style, and prime location wasn’t enough to entice you to book a reservation then worry not. The Grand Pigalle has a beautiful restaurant within the building called Frenchie Pigalle that is run by the renowned chef Gregory Marchand who cultivates every dish with his experience and travels to places all over the globe. The Grand Pigalle is a must stay if you are looking for some of the most optimal and exquisite tastes and comfort. 

La Chouette Cabane if you’re looking for a more off the grid, once-in-a-lifetime type of stay then this place is right up your alley. This option is perfect for the family that is searching for peace and quiet, or perfect for the couple that is seeking romantic and adventurous times together. La Chouette Cabane has renovated up-to-date treehouses that are located in a calm area surrounded by woods, ponds, and endless green grass. Each treehouse is fully fitted with modern accommodations. You’ll be staying in a treehouse but feeling as if you are in a French hotel. Truly a great and fun adventure is to be had at this location. 

Chateau Voltaire is a hotel seated within the heart of Paris. If you wish to be a little closer to the energy of France, this is your destination. This hotel is the perfect stay for those wishing to explore the capital of France. Close to many main attractions, it’s right where you want to be if Paris is where you’re headed. It won’t be hard to find ultimate comfort, great food, and even better service here at the Chateau Voltaire. 

Maison Villeroy Yet another great stay within the popular city of Paris, France. Luxury, elegance, comfort, incredible design, and prime location are the aspects that make this stay shine. Your stay package can even include a great relaxing spa and massage option if you are wishing to really upgrade your travels. You get healthy breakfast for two included with your stay as well. The Eiffel Tower is within walking distance as well as many more main attractions. The Maison Villeroy is a must stay if you find yourself looking to stay within Paris, France.

Chateau Eza is located in one of the most fantastic and breath-taking locations. The Eze Village is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and is close to the Italian border. With insane views of the sea, the city below the hotel, and endless beauty, this hotel is a must if you are truly looking for an out of this world experience. Chateau Eza caters to their guests with the utmost elegance by serving delectable foods in their restaurant for lunch and dinner services. One of the most insane things you can do, if you so wish to, is to charter a private jet through the hotel. The Chateau Eza is truly a luxurious stay beyond comprehension. If you were searching for a stay that blows all expectations, then this is by far the best option for your stay in France. 

Best Places to Eat in France 

Next on the French agenda is to find some incredible places to eat. We won’t settle for anything less than amazing. Food is a huge staple in any good travel experience, and we aim to provide some of the best places to eat while on your trip to France. We have searched the web for some of the best rated, most popular, and best tasting restaurants in France for you to enjoy with little to no research needed. Each restaurant will take your eating expectations and dreams to a whole new level of luxury and taste. Feel free to follow the links provided with each option to find out more information.

Restaurant au Cerf is located in Riquewihr, France. If you were searching for a more laid back and comfortable style restaurant to enjoy some French cuisine with your friends and family then this is by far the best place to go. The establishment radiates with history that dates back to 1481. This is one of the oldest restaurants in the area. Enjoy some social life and feast on local specialties. This restaurant is connected to a hotel as well. If you’re looking for a hotel that is connected to a great part of France, check out the Hotel-Restaurant Au Cerf Riquewihr

Aux Coquillages de Diana is located on the waterfront of Etang de Diane Lagoon. If you’re looking for some delectable seafood with an even better view, then this is by far the best place to go. Enjoy some incredible oysters while sipping on some of the finest wines and stare at the beautiful ocean as the sun sets. Seafood is a must when by the water, and this restaurant has some of the freshest and best seafood options in the country of France. 

Comice, Paris Looking for somewhere to eat in the famed capital of France? Looking for somewhere that isn’t going to break the bank but will supply absolute joy, great atmosphere, and even better dishes? Head down to Comice where the French cuisine is out of this world. The master chef, Noam Gedalof and his wife, Etheliya Hananova, have made this establishment a Michelin-Starred fine dining restaurant. Eating here will be sure to fill your stomach with amazing flavors that you could not find anywhere else.

Le Bistrot Flaubert Also located in Paris, this restaurant is on the innovative side when it comes to French cuisine. The chefs play around with flavors that combine cultures of Italian and French cuisine. Looking for a more out of the box menu in Paris? Then this is the spot to go. A recommended dish would be the Red Tuna, Fresh Cheese and Clam Emulsion on their dinner menu for a combination of flavors you have never experienced before. 

Coffee Shops and Bakeries in France

Next important item on the list of things to do and experience is to find some of the best coffee shops that cater to all the caffeine addicts of France and bakeries that provide the freshest and most delightful pastries you will ever taste. When traveling to France, make it a priority to sit on a nice patio while the world around you keeps busy, sip on a creamy and tasty latte or espresso, and eat a croissant that was freshly baked this morning. France is all about coffee and pastries. Luckily for you, we have some of the best coffee shops and bakeries all listed below. Feel free to follow the links provided for more information about each establishment. 

Ten Belles A small humble coffee shop that packs a punch, Ten Belles is one of the city’s oldest and most iconic coffee shops, so expect regulars that are religious coffee advocates and would swear by this place. This is a very hole-in-the-wall destination and mainly does pick-up orders for those in a hurry. This is the perfect spot to stop by and pick up a quick cup of amazing specialty coffee and continue to roam the streets of Paris. Ten Belles also bakes fresh bread, so do yourself a favor, pick up a loaf and head to the nearest park to sit, sip, and eat with the utmost enjoyment. 

Café Loustic This location is a must when in Paris. They make espresso that is sure to blow your expectations. They also make incredible pour overs that are great for sipping. For those who don’t enjoy coffee there is also plenty of teas available which makes this spot the most optimal for all caffeine addicts. Grab a cappuccino and buy something small to munch on here at the Café Loustic. 

Holybelly If you were looking for a great coffee shop that also has a killer brunch menu, then this is the place for you. Little heads up, this place is very popular, so expect to wait in line for a bit. However, the wait is 100% worth it. The atmosphere is very laid back and the music taste is phenomenal. Coffee, tea, brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails, wine, and some of the best social life you will find in France is here in Holybelly. For more information, and info on how to reserve a table, please follow the link.

Must See Sights in France

When traveling to far away destinations it is of utmost importance to find some unforgettable sights that you will not find anywhere else on the planet. Of course, it is very important to take some pictures, so that the memories of these sights will never be lost. Bring home some incredible and perspective-shattering pictures for the whole family to see. Here are some of the best sights to see while visiting France. For more information on each destination make sure to follow the links provided.

Eiffel Tower You cannot mention a trip to France without this sight in mind. You’ve seen it in many pictures and shoots. Maybe even your closest friends and family have a picture standing next or under this world-known sight. The Eiffel Tower stands 320 meters high (about 1015 feet tall) and right in the middle of Paris. Feeling a bit adventurous? Dine at the Michelin-Starred restaurant Le Jules Verne that sits on the second level of the monument. Dine with some of the most beautiful views of the city of Paris all around you.


Musee Du Louvre The Louvre is one of the most famous art museums in the world. If you enjoy fine arts and are looking for an extravagant adventure to see some of the world’s most famous art pieces, then this is a must when in France. With pieces like the Mona Lisa and Wedding Feast at Cana, this art museum has around 35,000 art pieces, so it would be nearly impossible to explore all of them in one day. If seeing all the art is something you want to achieve, then set aside two days to do so. You can take a tour or tour the building on your lonesome, whatever fits your fancy. This is also a great sight if you are an artist yourself looking for some truly great creative inspiration. 

Cote d’Azur - This famous French coastline is full of tourism all year round. The name translates into “Coast of Blue” which is very befitting of this beautiful sight. The beach is the best place to catch some sun and soak in the breathtaking views with family and friends. Check out this spot in the summer if you wish to swim and sunbathe. This location is also known as the “French Riviera.” Bring your camera, a great bathing suit, and some sunscreen for the best day here.

France is full of amazing sights that will take your breath away, foods that will change your perspective on flavor, coffee that has never tasted so good, and even better people that love their country—and for good reason. Travel with knowledge and be prepared for life-changing experiences. With a trip to France, you will have one of the most luxurious trips of your life. 

France Travel Guide
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