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Traveling to Israel

Israel Travel Guide

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Welcome fellow travelers. Looking for an all-encompassing travel guide to the famed Holy Land of Israel? Need to know certain facts about this country before visiting, where are the best places to stay, what sights there are to be seen, and some of the must-visit restaurants? Look no further, as this travel guide will cover everything you need to know about Israel. Feel free to follow the links to each destination for more information. Safe travels and thank you for being a well-informed traveler. Israel awaits your arrival.

Know Before You Go (Israel)

Every country has their own way of doing things. Whether its requirements for travel, weather, attitude towards tourists, and some destinations that are local favorites. These are all crucial things to know before visiting a country. It is always of utmost importance to travel with knowledge to be respectful of the country you are visiting. Here is a list of must-know information about Israel that will help you travel the country safely and be welcomed with warm smiles by the locals. 

Travel Requirements

The first and most important thing that you will need to travel to Israel is a valid passport. Make sure this passport won’t expire anytime soon, and make sure you have one full blank page for stamping. No vaccination proof is required. Of course, travel with caution and do not travel sick for the safety of yourself and others around you who wish to travel safely. You will not need a visa if travel time is below three months (ninety days).

Energy (Outlets)

When traveling abroad most travelers and visitors don’t think about this fact enough. Most countries have different outlet plugs. Do not be surprised by this and make sure to buy some 3 round-pegged prong adapters before your visit. The cost of these adapters will be more expensive while overseas, so buying these beforehand is crucial and saves money. Follow the link provided to find some of these adapters for sale. 

Visiting the Holy Land (How to be Respectful)

Israel is a holy destination for three major world religions. With destinations that have served as staples throughout the world’s religious history. Below is a list of all the holy sites you can visit while in Israel. Be prepared because there is a massive amount of religious history with locals that are continuously and strongly involved with it. After listing all the destinations, we will speak on how to go about traveling in these areas and how to respect the land. 

  • Jerusalem

  • Bethlehem

  • Nazareth

  • Hebron

  • Sea of Galilee

There are so many religious and holy lands in Israel that it is appropriate to discuss how to be respectful in these areas. Make sure to wear modest clothing when at these sites. Of course, this term “modest” can mean many different things to many people. However, do not wear anything that will make you stand out. Wear something basic. Long sleeves and pants are always a safe bet when at places like these. Secondly, do not be loud and seek attention. People travel from all around the world to see these destinations. Lastly, take in the experiences and beautiful sights with your eyes. Be present and let the historic energy bathe you in warmth and ancient wisdom. 


Do not become alarmed when you see soldiers walking the streets with weapons in hand. Security and safety are huge priorities to Israel, so having soldiers roam the streets is a way of keeping the peace and making sure the locals know they are safe from any harm. 


Getting from destination to destination is not going to be difficult in Israel. Taxis are abundant, safe, and always available in the major cities of this country. They are also fair on price if you wish to shave some expenses off your trip while traversing the land. Always ask for a receipt when exiting a cab to be sure there was no extra time put on your trip. The cabs are a safe way of getting around and the cab drivers are helpful to travelers, so be polite and your driver should repay the price with gratitude and goodwill.

Best Time to Visit

Each season brings its own uniqueness, each with their own flare and opportunities, so making sure when the best time to visit Israel is optimal for what you are looking for. Of course, anytime of the year is a great time to visit the Holy Land but depending on your weather preferences you may want to consider certain times of the year. 

Summer in Israel is on the warmer side. The locals all enjoy spending a majority of their time at the beach. Participating in water sports, tanning, working out, relaxing, and simply catching some good sunlight. If you are someone that enjoys the warmer weather and beach festivities, then this is by far the best time to visit. The summer is June-August.

Spring and fall are both good times if you are trying to be in perfect weather. Just warm enough to not worry about being cold and just cold enough to bring some warmer clothes to keep you guarded from the cool breeze. On top of the optimal weather, the tourism is also a bit lower, so this time of year is very good if you are trying to ditch the busy times of the year.

Best Places to Stay in Israel

Here in this section, we will be covering some of the best places to stay while in Israel. We have found the best options for you, so you don’t have to search the web for them and waste precious time. We looked for the best views, best accommodations, safest parts of town, fairest and most reasonable prices, and top locations. Feel free to follow the links provided with each destination to find more information. 


Jerusalem is possibly the best-known city in Israel teaming with energy and never-ending things to do and see. Of course, Jerusalem is also home to so many ancient religious sites, so this is also a great place to stay if you’re wishing to have a great mix of young city life and ancient history all in one city. One of the best hotels in Jerusalem sits within the Old Town part of the city. 

Hashimi Hotel is a 275-year-old building that has been newly renovated. If you were looking for a place that is packed with history, has incredible views, is in a safe part of town, has the best location, is close to all the main attractions, and provides the best hotel experience in Israel, then this is the place for you. Famed destinations like The Church of Holy Sepulcher, Dome of the Rock, and Mount of Olives are all within walking distance from this hotel. 

Another great hotel in Jerusalem that needs to be mentioned is the King David Hotel. This location is possibly the most famous hotel in Jerusalem, so making the decision to stay here will not disappoint you. This hotel puts its history on full display and lets the hundreds of years of ancient knowledge meld with the architecture of the building. If you were looking for a 5-star hotel to stay in while in Jerusalem, then this is the spot. The hotel itself has won countless awards such as “The Most Prestigious and Exclusive Hotel in Jerusalem” and “Best and Highest Quality National Hotel.” 

Dead Sea

One of the best places in Israel to visit if traveling with family. There are tons of fun hikes to go on and plenty of wild animals in their natural habitats that the kids will surely love to see. Hikes could have waterfalls, freshwater ponds, and animals just casually roaming around. Oasis Dead Sea Hotel is by far the best place to stay in the Dead Sea area. All rooms have a view of the sea, and the hotel focuses on relaxed energy and the well-being of its guests. Staying here is the relaxation you so desperately need and deserve. This hotel is also just about two miles away from the Zohar Hot Springs which is a beautiful spot to venture to if you were looking for something extravagant to do while on your trip. Also, not too far from the Masada Ruins where you can explore the park and unlock the many layers of history that reside there within the ruins. 


Positioned on the central coast of Israel is Herzliya, a city known for its innovative energy and lots of new businesses. Restaurants that are sure to exceed your expectations and beach areas that are stunning with beauty dot this city. A lot of successful companies and rich individuals live in these parts, so it is safe to say that this part of Israel is well off and has a lot newer attractions and business coming its way. One great hotel to stay at in Herzliya is the Daniel Herzliya Hotel. This hotel comes with some of the most beautiful locations. Surrounded by a beach line, new restaurants, and people that radiate with life and peace. Visiting the newly added Promenade is a must visit when staying at this hotel. 

Mitzpe Ramon

Located in southern Israel is a hotel called the Beresheet Hotel that overlooks the Negev Desert. Looking for a 5-star hotel that has some of the coolest and most luxurious amenities? Look no further as the Beresheet Hotel is possibly one of the most elegant places you can stay in Israel. Their pool has won awards and titles of “Coolest Pool in the World” in many travel magazines and rightfully so. The pool is an infinity pool that overlooks the vast and endless desert. If you were looking for a romantic getaway with your loved one, then this is a must stay location. For more information follow the link provided. 

The Perfect To-Do List for Israel

Not sure what activities to do while in Israel? Maybe you are wondering which restaurants are the best, or what sites you need to see while on your trip to Israel. Never fear, Israel is full of adventures to be had, great food to be enjoyed, and incredible sights that will take your travels to the next level. Feel free to follow the links provided with each destination to find more information.

Must See Sights in Israel

The first thing on this list is amazing beaches. If you are here in Israel during the summer, then this is the perfect time to catch warm sun rays and enjoy a great social life with locals and visitors who all enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here is a list of our favorite beaches in Israel. 

  • Banana Beach: Located in Tel Aviv, this beach has some of the most secluded coastline you will find in Israel. The locals know about this beach and it is one of their best kept secrets for coastline fun and adventures. 

  • Gordon Beach: This beach is also located in Tel Aviv. More tourists and visitors enjoy this beach due to its location being so close to many popular hotels, so if you were looking for a livelier scene, then this is for you.

  • Sun Bay Beach: Located in Eilat, this one is a fun one but is not a registered beach so be warned that there are no lifeguards on duty. Swim safely. 

Next on this list are some great sights that are full of history and religious significance. Traveling to Israel would be incomplete if you didn’t visit one or more of these sights. 


Located near the Dead Sea is a fortress that has stood proud as one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world. Explore the endless beauty of the Dead Sea above the plateau of the fortress and take in all the energy that is filled within this sight. The sight was built in 30 BCE and the remains still have such significance today.

Bahai Gardens 

This is by far one of the most visited tourist attractions in all of Israel and for good reason. Located in Haifa is a garden of beautiful trees, flowers, and some of the best architecture. Soak in the beauty and enjoy a day here at the Bahai Gardens.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a must visit if you are an art enthusiast or simply someone who enjoys art and history. Take a stroll through this art museum and be filled with joy and creative inspiration. 

Restaurants in Israel

Next on this list are a couple of must-mention places to eat. Finding great food is vital on any trip, so here we have compiled a list of must visit restaurants for you and your travel companions to try. 

Israel is full of amazing sights that will take your breath away, foods that will change your perspective on flavor, hotels that take staying to a whole other level of experience, and even better people that love their country and for good reason. Travel to Israel with knowledge and be prepared for life-changing experiences. 

Israel Travel Guide
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