Finland Travel Guide

Traveling to Finland

Finland Travel Guide

Photo by Tapio Haaja on Unsplash

Finland welcomes you with natural beauty to endlessly ponder and wander, elegant design and architecture throughout the cities that sit within the country, culinary brilliance that will shatter your current perspectives on food, and multiple seasons that each have their own unique opportunities. Your travels have brought you far and wide, but nothing has ever compared to the adventures you are about to have in Finland. 

Finland sits on the northern end of Europe and borders other countries such as Sweden and Norway. The country is known to have more trees than it has people. If you were looking for an adventurous and outdoorsy travel experience then Finland is perfect because it has endless wilderness to wander. If you are looking for more refined and luxurious things to do then don’t worry—Finland has a great mix of natural beauty and modern city opportunities. Here we have found some of the best things to do and see, along with some crucial things to know before you go. Look no further for your perfect travel guide for Finland. Feel free to follow the links provided with each opportunity to deepen your knowledge. Safe travels. Finland awaits your arrival.

Requirements for Travel (Know Before You Go)

Before you set foot in the airport, make sure to have a valid passport that won’t expire anytime soon. Also, make sure to have at least two stamp pages empty. No proof of vaccinations is needed. Of course, travel safely and never travel when sick. Think about your health and the health of others around you. A safe traveler is an informed traveler. For more information on required documents and rules for travel to Finland, follow the link here.

Know Before you Go

  • Finland is newly urbanized. What once used to be a country with a population of people who enjoyed the forests more than the city life is now home to some great urban cities much like any other country with huge innovative cities. Of course, most of the country is wilderness, but there are some major hubs for social life and urban city energy with cities like Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, and Oulu.

  • English is spoken in most urban cities. Worried that you won’t be able to navigate your way around with your English language? Well, worry no more. Finnish cities are full of people who speak fluent English. 

  • Nature is important to the people of Finland. There is nature everywhere you go in Finland with parks at every corner and forests that surround the country. The Finnish people take to outdoor activities with much delight and praise. If traveling here is your wish, make sure to take to the outdoors to fit right in. Keynote: do not disturb nature and make sure to pick up after yourself.

  • Alcohol and drinking. Finland does not sell alcohol in regular grocery stores. Most alcohol is sold within registered liquor stores. Make sure to buy before 6pm due early closure. Drinking is huge in Finland, and most Finnish people love wine. 

Transportation in Finland

Need to know all the information for getting around Finland? Need a car to rent or need to know how to access taxis? Don’t worry. Here are all your need-to-know questions on how to get around the country. For more information, feel free to follow the links provided. 

Allow a Taxi to Pick You Up

The country's public transportation system is very organized, and it makes traveling across the country comfortable. Taxis in Finland are regulated and widely available, though fares can be expensive. It's also possible to share rides with other people in the same direction. Although there are various types of taxis in Finland, they are usually distinguishable from one another by the yellow TAKSI or TAXI sign on the roof. It's a bit difficult to attempt to get a cab driver's attention to pick you up off the streets, so you'll need to walk to a nearby taxi stand or keep a couple of phone numbers handy just in case. In downtown Helsinki, there are long lines during weekends, so be prepared for a wait or simply walk. The streets of Helsinki are very nice, and walking is not a troublesome thing to do. Some might prefer it this way. 

Ride the Train

If you were looking for more fun, exciting, and faster ways of travel within the cities of Helsinki, Turku, and Lahti, then I highly suggest checking out getting a Eurail Finland Pass. This pass allows you to take the Finland railway system from city to city. With packages that make traveling within the country super convenient and comfortable. You can choose from packages that allow you to travel for three, four, five, six, or eight days within the month of your choosing. This by far is a better way to travel while in Finland. 

Best Time to Visit

The weather in Finland ranges from freezing winters to mildly warm summers. Each season has its own unique flair and exciting things to do and see, so the best time to visit depends on what you are looking for.

Summer in Finland

The warmest months in Finland are June, July, and August, with weather that brings all the tourists and locals out to play and frolic in the warmth. The transportation systems listed above are in full swing due to the better weather and more tourist traffic, so finding transportation during these months is perfect and easy. So many festivities are happening such as Midsummer where the sun doesn’t bother to set for a month or two. The Finnish people love Midsummer festivities and most take time off of work to spend it with loved ones and have proper parties. When the sun never sets there is no need to worry about bedtime. 

The summer is a perfect time to visit with so much hiking and outdoor events at your grasp. Weather can be as high as sixty-two degrees Fahrenheit. The weather is not extremely warm so make sure to bring a set of warmer clothes to be prepared for anything.

Winter in Finland

If you were looking for a winter wonderland during Christmas time, then this is by far the best time of the year to visit. There is no better sight than the beautiful country of Finland covered in a glimmering blanket of snow. However, do be warned that the winter weather here is brutal with freezing temperatures and some of the darkest and gloomy days you’ve ever seen. If you are not prepared for this type of weather, then it can be uncomfortable. Pack accordingly and make sure to have some of the warmest clothes in your suitcase. The positive to this brutal weather is that the cities are less crowded. 

Top Places to Stay in Finland

One of the most important criteria for your successful and adventurous trip to Finland is to find a comfortable place to stay. We are not just looking for comfort but are also looking for optimal locations that keep you connected to all fun things to do in the cities, some of the best accommodations, and fair pricing. Looking for places to stay while on a trip can become tiresome and stressful, so sit back and relax because we have already done the difficult searching for you and have narrowed it down to three of the best places to stay. For more information about each place, feel free to follow the links provided. 

Torassieppi Aurora Domes

Looking for something that is out of this world and provides you and your companions a once in a lifetime experience? Look no further as these luxury dome tents take staying in Finland to the next level. It feels like camping but with a cheat code. Built in fireplace, glass domes that let you see the beautiful night sky above, stove, toilet, shower, and a sauna that is just a short walk away from the dome. Some call this level of camping “glamping” which is glamor camping in case you didn’t know. The domes sit on the lake of Torassieppi and have some of the best views you will find in Finland. This by far is a must do if you are looking for something to take your trip to the heights. 

Hotel St. George Helsinki

The Hotel St. George Helsinki is fitted with some of the best Finnish design and artwork that fills this place with elegance and luxury. If you’re looking for a lovely place to stay in Helsinki then this is the number one spot. This opulent hotel is for those looking for a more traditional stay. 

Arctic Treehouse Hotel

The Arctic Treehouse Hotel is yet another out of this world experience in Finland. When it comes to unique things to do and see, Finland is king. A stay in the Arctic Treehouse Hotel is like none other. You’ll have luxury comfort and be surrounded by panoramic views of the northern skies. If you are wishing to stay in Finland this is one of the best options. 

Must See Sights and Attractions (Outdoors Edition)

Finland is full to the brim with some of the best views, mountains to climb, and hikes to be had amongst the endless natural beauty that this country holds, a bonanza for the outdoor adventurist. If hiking in Finland wasn’t on your to-do list, we highly suggest re-writing that list as there is too much beauty to be seen and experienced not to explore. Plan a day in advance for nothing more than wandering the hills, countryside, and much more. Bring some great walking/hiking shoes and let your body and soul wander about the endless beauty. Here, we will list some of the best sights to see, hikes to do, and everything you need to have a great vacation in the Finnish wilderness. Follow the links below to find more information on each destination and outdoor event. 

Northern Lights

Looking for a once in a lifetime sight? Well, if you are lucky enough to get to Finland during September–October or February–March you’ll see something truly life changing. The Northern Lights are a spectacle of dancing colors in the sky that come from electric charges colliding in our atmosphere from the sun. Also known as the Aurora Borealis. Find a spot in the country that doesn’t have too much light and you will be sure to catch some unforgettable views of Northern Lights in Finland. Make sure to bring a good camera to capture these life changing moments. This is a perfect event to plan out with your significant other to create a memory that will bind your love and affection forever.

The Midnight Sun

Yet another amazing spectacle that Finland has to offer is the midnight sun. If you aren’t interested in the Northern Lights, then this is sure to spark your interest. Due to Finland’s global positioning on Earth’s axis, there are parts of the year that experience non-stop day time. With the sun staying in the sky throughout all hours of the day. This is truly a mind-bending thing to experience. If this is a time you wish to see, make sure wherever you stay has heavy curtains. Many tourists lose sleep as it never gets fully dark. Sleep will be difficult. However, the midnight sun is a fun time to visit Finland. The locals love this time of year and hold plenty of festivals for its happening. The best time to see the midnight sun is from mid-May to late July.

Best Restaurants and Eateries 

Finally, we must take some time and diligence to find some of the best food spots in this amazing country. Finland is home to many unique experiences and food falls in line with the uniqueness. Hope you are hungry because here we have listed two of the best places to grab some incredible dishes and have some of the best social experiences you will find in Finland. For more information on each eatery, please follow the links provided. 

Restaurant Palace

In Helsinki this restaurant is widely known to those who appreciate Finnish cuisine. This restaurant is the first in Finland to receive a Michelin Star and their food goes to prove its worth of praise. Their menu changes with the seasons which allows each dish to be new, fun, and fresh. Seafood, wild game, and some of the best cocktail options in Finland are here. Head down to Restaurant Palace to see what the hype is all about. 

Baskeri & Basso Bistro

This restaurant has taken comfort and atmosphere inspiration from casual San Francisco restaurants, and has some of the best wine selections in the country of Finland. Their kitchen prepares each dish with simplicity and insane flavor. The atmosphere is great for those looking for a more relaxed energy with locals and travelers who are smiling and giddy with excitement. Eating here will not disappoint and will be sure to leave you coming back for more guaranteed. 

Finland is full of amazing sights that will take your breath away, foods that will change your perspective on flavor, hotels that take your vacation to a whole other level of experience. Whether you are traveling to Finland for the Northern Lights, the midnight sun, or simply traveling for the experience of a lifetime, there is no doubt this country will leave you with a new perspective on life and happiness. Finland is the perfect destination for those who are seeking lust for life and new experiences that most have never had. Here, we have laid the foundation of your trip to Finland. All that is left is for you to book that plane ticket. Travel with knowledge and be prepared for some life changing experiences. You will have one of the most luxurious trips of your life—be prepared for some of the greatest experiences ever known to man. Safe travels and check back in with us on your next trip. 

Finland Travel Guide

Photo by Tapio Haaja on Unsplash

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