Canary Islands Travel Guide

Traveling to the Canary Islands

Canary Islands Travel Guide

Photo by Cristian Palmer on Unsplash

Right off the coast of northwest Africa is a grouping of seven tropical islands that feels a lot like paradise. The seven islands are Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, and El Hierro, which all have so many opportunities for those wishing to have some incredible travel experiences. Here in this article, we have composed all the information you will need in order to have one of the best travel experiences ever known to man. What island is the best, what each island has to offer, things to do, things to see, beaches to lounge at and soak some sunup, food options, and most importantly best hotels on each island. When it comes to traveling, an informed traveler is the one who will see the most, do the most, and come back with the most stories to tell. This article will be sure to take your travels to the Canary Islands to the next level. Feel free to follow the links provided to deepen your knowledge. As always, safe travels, and Godspeed.

Which Island is the Best?

This question is often the most asked when it comes to visiting these beautiful islands. Out of the seven islands we have listed, all have unique opportunities and accommodations of their own. It is safe to say that no matter your travel preferences, there will most certainly be an island that fits your needs. Whether you are looking for some of the best beach options, some great hiking opportunities, mouthwatering restaurants, or anything your heart desires. Every island has options for every traveler. Here in this section of the article we will cover each island and its unique aspects. 


If you just so happen to find yourself on Tenerife, then be prepared for some great adventures. This island is the biggest by size and has some of the best family options. This island has some of the greatest beaches and some great northern resorts and restaurants. A beautiful mix of untouched nature and modern social life opportunities. Great for the traveler that wants to roam around in nature during the day and enjoy some great cocktails and have some unbeatable social life at night. Here we will cover all there is to do on the Canary island, Tenerife. 

Best time to visit

Looking for endless sunshine with no rain? Perhaps you are wanting a winter escape from your hometown to somewhere rather warm and untouched by winter’s cold grasp? Tenerife is beautiful all year round with endless sunshine and warm weather that will allow you to swim in the ocean anytime of the year. Much like Hawaii in this sense. Where the rest of the world is touched by colder months and wetter seasons, Tenerife is unfazed and is always sunny. The best months to visit with the warmest weather would be June-October with weather ranging from 83-66 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, most of the Canary Islands are pretty tropical and unfazed by the cold of the winter, so worry not because all year round is perfect for travel.

Best Places to Stay in Tenerife

One of the most important things on the list is to find a hotel that meets all your needs of comfort and amenities. Here are some of the best places we could find on the beautiful island of Tenerife. 

Hard Rock Tenerife

Hard Rock Tenerife is a beachfront hotel located on the southwestern side of the island. The southern part of the island is preferred more by travelers due to the access to beaches and less windy weather. Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel will allow you to have access to amazing beaches within walking distance, restaurants, and nightlife. The hotel comes stocked with some of the best pools to lounge with poolside bars like the Splash and Eden Pool Bars, a list of mouthwatering restaurants such as Montauk that serves some of the best steak and Capolavoro that serves some of the best Italian food, along with many more restaurants that all have such unique atmospheres and flavors. Make sure to book the Studio Suite Silver and Gold if you are looking to have an upgraded living situation while enjoying your stay in Tenerife. The Hard Rock Hotel is sure to meet all your paradise needs and desires. 

Things to do in Tenerife

After booking your stay at the Hard Rock Hotel make sure to plan your day’s adventures with some of these amazing activities, we have found for you. One of the top things to do is to visit beaches. You are traveling to paradise, so why not find some of the best beaches to lounge and soak up some of the beautiful weather and clear waters. Here is a list of the best beaches to visit in Tenerife. Keynote: bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and good company. 

  1. Los Cristianos: A southern beach in the town of Los Cristianos that has some of the whitest sand and clearest water. The waters are mellow, and shallow making this beach a top destination for the ultimate lounge and relaxation spot.

  2. Playa de Las Teresitas: Another white sand beach great for tourists.

  3. Playa de Antequera: Looking for a hidden beach removed from the average tourist’s to-do list? This beach is just that. The beach is rockier and secluded but is very nice considering you will be one of the few that know about this destination.


On to the second largest of the Canary Islands. Fuerteventura is also known for its luxurious white sand beaches and endless paradise-like weather all year round. Traveling to this island will be nothing short of a dream come true. With a long list of sand dunes to explore, clear water beaches to visit, natural swimming pools to swim in carved out of the earth by mother nature, and island food specials that are a must try. We have composed all there is to know before you go to the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. Feel free to follow the links provided to gather more information on each destination listed. 

Best Places to Stay in Fuerteventura

First on the list is a hotel that connects you to the most amazing beaches in Fuerteventura, provides the best views, has top tier comfort, and is fully equipped with all the amenities you could ever desire. Finding the perfect hotel can be difficult, but luckily for you we have found some of the best hotels on the Fuerteventura island for you. Just follow the links below and book your stay. 

Secrets Bahia Real

On the north end of the island is a beautiful, luxurious, and perfect romantic getaway for couples. This hotel is more on the luxurious side so expect prices to be a bit more expensive. However, with the expensive prices comes a whole lot more fun. The Secrets Bahia Real Resort is fully equipped with over ten restaurants and bars for your food desires. Connected to the beach and every room has some of the most incredible views. Secrets Bahia is the best spot for couples looking to renew their love and make everlasting memories.

Avanti Lifestyle Hotel

This hotel is the perfect destination for families and friends. The rooms are unique, each built with a Mediterranean style décor, and each has a view of the beautiful ocean right outside the window. Along with a rooftop pool, a restaurant that serves some of the best seafood options on the island, and simplistic adult energy that makes this hotel one of the most sophisticated options that is built to make even the most stressed person forget their worries.

Things to do in Fuerteventura

After settling down in one of the hotel options stated above, make sure to set your schedule up with some of the most adventurous and fun things to do and experience while in paradise. Fuerteventura has some incredible natural beauties to see such as beaches to relax, hikes in the dunes, and nightlife to enjoy. Here we have found some of the best places and destinations for you to visit while on this island. All that’s left for you to do is make the leap of faith and have some great adventures.

Playa del Matorral

Located on the southern part of the island is a beautiful beach that is the perfect spot for those looking for a beach day. The water is crystal clear, the sand is golden, and the waters are calm and perfect for those looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating swim. If you enjoy some activities such as surfing, then this is the perfect beach for you. A little heads up. The beaches on this island have a clothing optional rule, so if you see some nude beach goers do not be alarmed. Rather join them or respect their freedom of choice. 

Corralejo Natural Park

Along the northeast coast of this island are some of the most spectacular sand dunes known to man. A pretty big statement, but once you see this destination you will understand its true beauty. Book a dune buggy tour to ramp up your adventures to the next level. Take some incredible pictures and make sure to bring some sunscreen.

Night Life

Looking for a bit of social life with restaurants, bars, shopping, and more? Then head down to the town of Corralejo to experience the best nightlife the island of Fuerteventura has to offer. 

Gran Canaria

The great island of Gran Canaria comes packed with everything outdoors related. Much like the other islands there are plenty of things to do outside with year-round paradise like weather that allows for beach trips and hiking adventures. This island is the third largest of the Canary Islands right behind the two listed above. Although this island is smaller than the two above, there are still plenty of amazing things to do, places to stay, and natural beauty. Below is a list of all things to know before you go to Gran Canaria.

Where to Stay

AC Hotel Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

This hotel is located on the Northern end of the island in a town called Las Palmas. If you were looking for city energy and locals who love their home, then this is the spot to go. Enjoy a rooftop bar, incredible swimming pools, and a great location for city life and beach access.

What to Do

From sandy desert dunes, golden beaches, volcanic areas, nature hikes, to waterfalls this island has it all. Below is a list of all the best things to do in Gran Canaria.

  • Sand dunes: Maspalomas Dunes

  • Friendly beaches for the whole family: Playas de Puerto Rico

  • Black Sand Beach: Risco Beach

  • Nature walks in a natural park: Tamadaba Natural Park

  • Volcanic hike: Nublo Rural Park


Onto the next island of Lanzarote. The fourth largest of the Canary Islands and easternmost island. In this section we will cover all things to do, see, and experience on this beautiful island of Lanzarote.

Where to Stay

First thing on the list is to find a great place to stay. Lanzarote is home to just as many great natural adventures and sights, so having a hotel that connects you to those things is of utmost importance. Here is a list of the best hotels on the Island.

Things to do in Lanzarote

  • Visit the Timanfaya National park for some incredible volcanic views 

  • Take a chance to visit the most popular beach in Lanzarote: Punta de Papagayo

  • Visit the Green Lagoon for a moon like landscape and green pools of water.

  • Head down to Playa Blanca for the island’s best city life.

La Palma

Possibly one of the most beautiful islands of all the Canary Islands is La Palma. Visiting here is sure to exceed all expectations. While here make sure to visit many stargazing spots such as the Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory that has thirteen different telescopes to peek into the night sky. Due to La Palma’s unpolluted sky and love for stargazing really anywhere on the island is perfect for laying down and looking up into the endless void of space. If you are looking for a great hiking destination, then head over to the Caldera de Taburiente National Park where you can find waterfalls, volcanic landscapes, and forest as far as the eye can see. If you have done all the outdoor fun and are looking for more of a social energy, then head over to the town of Los Llanos where you can find some great city life. 

Where to stay in La Palma

Paradores Hotel: Beach views included along with connection to some great natural beauty. This hotel is located within a reasonable distance to the destinations listed above like the observatory and national parks. Staying here will unlock a newfound relaxation that you deserve. 

H10 Taburiente Playa: Located right next to the beach, renovated rooms, great swimming pools, incredible restaurants to eat at, and some of the best views of any hotel on the island of La Palma. 

All together La Palma is the greenest and possibly one of the best destinations for those looking for outdoor events, natural parks, stargazing opportunities, and golden beaches to relax and swim. This island along with the others listed above all together redefine the definition of beauty. The last two islands La Gomera and El Hierro are both just as beautiful and stunning as the others. They are smaller but still offer the same beauty and same opportunities. Make sure to travel with safety and bring a pair of great hiking shoes because being outdoors is the main attraction when visiting these beautiful islands. 

The Canary Islands are full of amazing sights that will take your breath away, foods that will change your perspective on flavor, natural beauty that is unbeatable and unique from any other place on earth, culture that is unique and lovely, and paradise like energy that is sure to make even the most stressed person fall into relaxation without a second though. The Canary Islands are truly a place like no other and there is plenty to see and do on these islands. The most optimal travel experience would be to visit multiple islands if possible. Travel with knowledge and be prepared for some life changing experiences. With the advice of this travel guide you will have one of the most luxurious trips of your life and be prepared for some of the greatest experiences ever known to man. Safe travels and check back in with us on your next trip.

Canary Islands Travel Guide
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