Sweden Travel Guide

Traveling to Sweden

Sweden Travel Guide

Photo by Julius Jansson on Unsplash

Sweden. This bastion of Scandinavia is home of famous faces such as ABBA, Ikea, Avicii, Zlatan, Alfred Nobel, Greta Garbo, Anita Ekberg, and the Skarsgard brothers. Home to a striking diversity of beauty from the complex cityscapes of Stockholm and Gothenburg, the coastlines of Aland's countless islands, the soaring heights of Kebnekaise or the forests and skies over Northern Sweden, visitors will find something for everyone here in Sweden. And with a country so rich in history, natural beauty, sport, art, cuisine, expression, and creativity, we understand it can be hard to know where to start. Thankfully, we've got you covered. Read on for some of our top sights and things to do  here around Sweden. 

What are the Requirements for Travel to Sweden?

With the relaxing of entry controls in early 2022, Sweden does not require proof of vaccination or a negative test to travel into the country. However, airlines might still require one or both of these, so be sure to check with your airline.

How much is $100 in Swedish Krona?

100 United States Dollars are around 1100 Swedish Krona. 

How Can I Travel to Sweden?

Entry into Sweden is no longer strict, simply book your ticket and pack your bags. Those travelers who possess a passport in the Schengen Area will also enjoy comfortable movement to many neighboring European countries such as Germany, Denmark, and Norway, a convenient note for those planning a larger European vacation.


Sweden's largest city and capital, and the largest urban area in Scandinavia, is a vibrant center of education, art, and sport. This is our gateway to Sweden and Northern Europe, home to Avicii Arena, the Abba Museum, Mojang headquarters, and many of the biggest Swedish exports. Come see and tour Sweden's cutting edge and a famously uniquely Stockholm lifestyle here around the capital.

Vasa Museum

Guarded by a relic like none other, the majestic 17th century Vasa and her sixty-four guns keep watch over the Vasa Museum, a proud addition to the Swedish National Maritime Museums. Sunk in 1628 and salvaged, now visitors can enjoy touring a gunship from the golden age of the Swedish Empire, in all of her glory. Aside from those military or naval enthusiasts, the interior and scale of this boat make it a one-of-a-kind sight, along with the many other antiques rescued from the wreck, including genuine equipment surviving from centuries ago. The miniature model shows a faithful interpretation of how the Vasa looked before her fall, while multiple levels detail work and life of every part of the ship, as well as the herculean rescue effort to bring the ship back and restore it to its present glory. Meet Swedish seafaring heritage up close and witness the Vasa at the Vasa Museum.

Drottningholm Palace

Private residence of the Swedish Royal Family, the mighty Drottningholm Palace remains an opulent symbol of not only the royals, but of the finest artisans, creators, and thinkers of the Swedish domain over some 400 years. Open to the public year round, the palace stretches out over a view of vast and carefully curated gardens, just the start of any first meeting with Drottningholm. Guided tours will have visitors gaze upon the Reception with its massive antique portraits of Swedish nobility, the gorgeous marbled Royal Chapel, and the intrigue of the Chinese Pavilion. Murals on complex and infinite ceilings look down onto a vast network of chambers, staircases, and hallways accompanied by sculptures and works of art at every turn. Past the facilities are also two immersive gardens, the Baroque garden and the English garden, providing views over the Palaces lands. Enjoy the total of over 400 years of intense work and history in one of Sweden's grandest locations at Drottningholm Palace. 

Stockholm Palace

Another major residence and base of operations for the Swedish monarchy is Stockholm Palace, an important center in the nation's history since 1760. Envisioned as a Roman palace, visitors can enjoy a guided tour among some six hundred rooms, eleven floors, and views overlooking the city, the inner courtyard, and the palace itself. The Royal Apartments in their massive size tower as a display of wealth,  where visitors can walk and wander through these rooms that frequently host nobility and elite from Europe and around the room. Gustav III's personal museum of antiquities is another highlight, an extensive gallery of stone works and sculptures dating to the late 18th century. Alternatively, visitors can also look up close at the Regalia in the treasury, including two swords belonging to Gustav Vasa and the crowns of various rulers, princes, and princesses of Sweden. Tour the pursuits, locations and inner lives of the Swedish Royal Family here at Stockholm Palace.


Your destination inside a destination, Djurgarden is a beloved area for recreation for tourists and Stockholmers alike. Here, visitors will enjoy countless landmarks all in a famously gorgeous and verdant location central to the city. The Nordic Museum is a great introduction to Sweden's people and history dating through all the eras of human civilisation in present-day Sweden, while the Djurgarden line is a whimsical and iconic way to tour the island. ABBA:The Museum is a great stop for all ABBA superfans and devotees of Swedish music, while Grona Lund is a lighthearted stop for amusement park fun. Skansen preserves traditional Swedish architecture and life before modernisation, and captures a Sweden where visitors can quite literally step back in time, while the Rosendals Tradgard is an unparalleled date spot and photo opportunity. Be sure to look into Djurgarden for all visitors who are going to Stockholm—there is something for everyone. 

Hotorget Market

Enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Hotorget market, a staple of Stockholm weekend fun since the mid-nineties. Here, visitors can shop among locals and browse fresh produce, charming vintage and secondhand items, and delicious Stockholm fare. With plenty of produce and food vendors, those visitors who like to try their own hand at Swedish cuisine can do so with some of the finest ingredients in the region and shop in one spot. Modern indulgences such as Stockholm-style kebab and fries meet hearty fish soup, trendy modern Scandinavian cuisine, and indulgent steak and meatballs. Whether you want to feast on the late-night guilty pleasures, home-style meals, innovative vegetarian dishes or just check out the recent cosmopolitan scene in Stockholm's gastronomy, Hotorget Market is a solid option. Add in the truly unique finds of hand-me-downs and vintage scores, and visitors will leave with a full stomach and souvenirs to keep like none other. 

Biking Malmo

Whether with a friendly local guide or going your own path with nothing more than a bike, Google maps and a thirst for adventure, Malmo is a wonderful city to cycle around. Some 500 kilometers of bike lanes and famously flat terrain make this a cyclist's paradise, and is a great way to cover ground and many of Malmo's most esteemed attractions. These attractions include the Turning Torso, providing views over the city, striking Malmo Castle, a window into the era of Danish rule in this region, majestic St. Peter's Church, a work of art dating to the 14th century, historic Kungsparken and Folkets Park, great for a picnic or people watching. Don’t forget Lilla Torg, a charming city square lined with delicious restaurants, and a solid way to end your day's journey on a high note, or for quality food to refuel during your adventures. If you will be visiting Malmo, consider a bike rental (or scooter, for those who prefer a more relaxed ride) and enjoy seeing so much of what the city has to offer with this conscious and satisfying option. 

Way Out West

No, the title is not a mistake, but the name of the bold and massive music festival that takes place annually here near Gothenburg. Partygoers and music lovers should mark the second weekend in August on their calendars for a three day series of action including the biggest arts from rock, electronic, hip hop and various other genres. The lineups in the past have included major names such as Kendrick Lamar, the Arctic Monkeys, Migos, Flume, Anne-Marie, Chvrches, Anderson .Paak, Kygo, Vince Staples, Queens of the Stone Age, Alicia Keys, and many more! In addition to the action, the sheer scale of the concert is also a sight to behold, with recent editions of the concert featuring over ten venues. Those who don't want to go home until the morning will enjoy the Stay Out West series, the after-hours portion of the festival taking place at various venues and clubs around Gothenburg. For those who want to enjoy the enthusiasm and energy of Swedish summer and immerse themselves in the nightlife of Gothernburg, Way Out West and Stay Out West are two incredibly thrilling ways to do so. 

Gota Canal Tours

Whether on a formal cruise, a tour or just wandering along the canal, the Gota Canal is a quaint, relaxed side of Sweden. Traveling along this canal is a great way to watch the boats go by, traverse the Swedish countryside and interior waterways, or just take plenty of gorgeous pictures. With some 190 kilometers of canal accompanied with motorhome spaces, campsites, waterfront hotels, hostel, and plenty of passenger boats and cycle rentals to choose from, the Gota Canal is not only a hotspot for outdoors recreation but also small-town living. Come and stay along the Gota Canal for a while and see a quieter side of Sweden, in tranquil sites, down-to-earth restaurants, and the institution of fika at cute cafes that line your route.


Whether out in the countryside or on one of the many islands, make the most of Sweden's abundant sunshine for those traveling during the summer and try to catch a spot at a Midsummer celebration. Whether as a group or visiting family, those who have the chance to be invited to a Midsummer celebration should certainly not pass up the chance, one of Sweden's most enduring and welcoming traditions. Taking place around the summer solstice, visitors will enjoy the celebration of life and the greenery of the summer, with the raising of the iconic maypole, and the dancing that comes soon after. Crowns of greenery, flowers, and plants are made into intricate costumes while enjoying outdoor recreation swimming in local waters at night. Enjoy this celebration of traditional Swedish costume, food, mythology, and the love of the outdoors for those who get the chance to attend Midsummer festival, something truly Swedish and an unparalleled way to enjoy the Swedish countryside.

Uppsala University

The oldest university of the Nordic countries, today Uppsala University maintains a strong presence in Swedish identity, literature, politics, and music. Aside from touring the halls of Uppsala University itself, there is also the myriad exhibits and iconic institutions to tour, including the Gustavianum, a history museum covering the storied past of Uppsala University, or the Uppsala Cathedral, burial site of King Eric IX and sacred location to the Swedish nobility dating back to the 13th century. Nearby Skokloster Castle and Uppsala Castle provide a striking and engaging way to tour the local histories of nobility and views over the surrounding area. Also of note is the Linnaeus Garden, the country's oldest botanical garden, designed in the vision of the famed Carl Linnaeus, who developed the modern system of naming organisms.

SHL Game

With teams from Malmo up to Lulea, one of the nordic nation's most popular sports is present throughout this vast country in the Swedish Hockey League. Whether an avid hockey fan from your home country or just wanting to participate in the electric and fun atmosphere of Swedish sport, watching an SHL Game in person is a great way to get to know Swedish sport. Fourteen teams play across some of the largest cities of Sweden and provide for an exciting spectacle, in a display of athleticism and action sure to please both the biggest of hockey fans and those completely new to the sport alike. Consider tickets to a SHL game during your next trip to Sweden for an addition of Swedish sporting culture and the adrenaline on the ice.

Skiing in Are

Another winter sport beloved in Sweden and in much of the Nordic countries is skiing. Whether it is Alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, or fun in the snow, Are is a great highlight of Sweden for all winter sports and recreation on the snow. Forty-two ski lifts service some eighty-nine slopes of thrilling, blood-pumping fun, with challenging world championship approved slopes to beginner-friendly areas serviced by vigilant and friendly professionals. Skiers, snowboarders, and athletes of all backgrounds and skill levels will find more than they could dream of here at Are. Those new to the sport will enjoy the ample transportation, conveyor belts, and bunny slopes to hone their skills in a skiers paradise, while those skilled veterans can brave any number of slopes of varying difficulty levels. The locals and loyal sporting community here are also known for their hospitality and guidance to visitors, so whether you have been here before and aren't sure where to go or learning everything for the first time, rest assured that the crowds here are accommodating and cordial. For those visiting Sweden with a taste for sport, action or just want to try something new while making the most of the Scandinavian outdoors, look into skiing here at Are

Lapland Camping, Sightseeing, Lights 

Here in Sweden's far north is Lapland, a region of Sweden known throughout the nation and beyond for its natural beauty, striking weather phenomena, and rich wildlife. The indigenous Sami people practice a conscious existence of tradition and reverence for their environment, one visitors will quickly appreciate with the wealth of activities. Enjoy a ride on a dog sled pulled by a team of super-athlete huskies, and participate in the adventure of dog sledding, from the extreme clothing, cutting snow, and enjoying coffee and cake in the brisk outdoors, this is a riveting and truly unique way to experience the Swedish outdoors. Visitors can also learn about the local reindeer, both in their relationship with the local people and also in their own curious activities, so for motorists, keep an eye out for the more adventurous reindeer. The famed ice hotels and cottages offer comfortable and opulent stays immersed in nature with intricate carvings and hot tubs that never felt better, while the weather is also perfect for the local staple that is the sauna. Finally, the Northern Lights are especially visible during the winter, where plenty of teams of professionals can guide you and your party to not only the best viewing spots for this breathtaking event, but also on how to traverse the wilderness and take the perfect picture. Whether it is navigating the frosted landscape, learning about the proud reindeer, or enjoying the comforts of a classic Swedish sauna, Lapland is a great destination for nature.

Sweden Travel Guide

Photo by Anna Hunko on Unsplash

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