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India Travel Guide

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“Not all those who wander are lost” (Tolkien). Traveling for most is a way not to escape life, but rather a deeper dive into life itself. Your travels have brought you far and wide, and today we will be covering all the need-to-know facts of India for safe and adventurous travels for you. Planning a travel experience can deter so many away from ever taking the unknown plunge into unknown lands. So many experiences are lost, adventures not had, and life not lived for those who become discouraged with the amount of information needed to travel safely and have the best experience while in faraway lands. Luckily, with this travel guide we have composed all the great things to do, amazing sights to see, best restaurants in the country, top of the line hotels, and must know facts for your travels to the great and beautiful country of India. Look no further for all your travel guide information. Feel free to follow the links provided in this article to further your search for information. As always, safe travels my fellow explorer. 

Know Before you Go

Every country has their own way of doing things. Whether its transportation means, etiquette, safety, or the weather. India is no different. Here we will cover all the must know facts and fun information on India so that you travel with knowledge and do not stand out as an under informed tourist. Traveling with knowledge is always a top priority because it allows you to travel safely and most importantly respect the lands you are visiting. Just follow the information below and you will be prepared for travels to India in no time at all. 

Best Time to Visit

The best time by far to visit India is anywhere between October through March. The winter tends to have more manageable and fairer weather compared to the hot months of summer. The summer is very dry and very hot, so this could and most likely will put a damper on your trip if you are traveling during the summer months. If you are looking for some sunny days with semi warm weather, then the winter is the safest bet. Also on October 2nd is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday which is a national holiday. So, do miss out on all the wonders and better weather that the winter months have to offer. Just be careful, Northern parts of the country tend to get colder, so be prepared with the right clothes if possible. Typically, these months (October-March) offer a weather range from 89–47 degrees Fahrenheit. Still warm enough to take a beach trip and cold enough to pack some light sweaters. Either way, the winter months should provide the most abundant of adventures and some of the best weather for the country of India. 

Be Prepared for Anything

Like most countries you travel to, the water will be different and the food will most likely be a shock to your usual array of foods you normally eat. Stomach illness hits even the strongest of people, so to counter this unusually unpopular fact you must bring with you some medicine to counteract stomach pains and nausea. A prepared traveler doesn’t have to get ready if they stay ready. Be prepared for the stomach shock and make sure to pack some valuable stomach relief so that you have nothing that will hinder your trip. 

Dress Code

This country is a bit more on the conservative side of things when it comes to dress code. Be respectful to the unspoken rules and make sure to wear clothes that do not draw any unwanted attention to yourselves. Especially when visiting religious destinations. This rule may seem a bit outdated and inconvenient, but when traveling to other countries you have to be prepared for different cultural norms. 


India’s population is one of the largest in the world, so that being said, be ready for your personal space as you walk the streets to be invaded by the massive amounts of people that roam the cities. This being said, be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Like any other country there are thieves, and they will take advantage of unaware tourists. This is the same no matter where you travel, but with India having such a significant population in its popular cities the possibility of getting pickpocketed or scammed is higher. Just be aware and stick with people you trust. 

Eating with your Hands

Another cultural norm is getting used to eating with your hands. Most restaurants are this way, and it may seem out of the norm for you but eating with your hands is perfectly fine in India. Enjoy some great food and don’t worry about eating with your hands. 

Important Rules

An important rule to know before your visit to India is about photography. Of course, you will want to take pictures of everything, much like every other tourist venturing to unknown lands. However, India is strict on certain things when it comes to photography. If you want to follow the rules and not be in danger for crimes against the country then do not film or take pictures of the military, bridges, or border lines. 

Best Places to Stay in India and Things to do in Surrounding Areas

Finding a place to stay while on a trip far away from home is the most important thing to ensure your travels are positive. Here we will cover some of the best options for hotels and stay while on your trip to India. We took the time and effort to find some of the most comfortable and best located destinations in the country of India for you. Along with the great hotels we have found we have also composed some great things to do that are around your hotel. Feel free to follow the links provided to find booking information and pricing information on the hotels listed.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Right outside the radiant city of Jodhpur is one of the most incredible options for hotels in the country. Jodhpur is a city that sits on the northwest side of India and is known for its historic fame and blue shaded housing all over the city. If you were looking for a hotel that supplies not only luxury and ultimate comfort, but also great location to some other great attractions then this is by far one of the best options for your stay in India. This hotel is decorated with some of the finest architecture and décor that will make you feel like you are stepping back into time. Expect some of the finest amenities such as luxury suites that have balconies that view the city of Jodhpur, peacocks that roam the grounds, a restaurant (Risala) that serves some of the finest lamb dishes, and service that goes above and beyond to make you feel at home. Booking a stay here will surely not disappoint and will take your travels to the next level. 

Things to do in Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort

While staying at the Umaid Bhawan Palace it is of utmost importance to venture to the incredible city of Jodhpur to experience some sites and city life. Jodhpur offers great historic sites such as the Mehrangarh Fort that sits above the skyline of Jodhpur and has some of the most fantastic views of the city and its blue houses. This fort offers some great views and locals and tourists that swarm the grounds with such amazement. 


Looking for a romantic dinner with your loved one before you call it a day and head back to the Umaid Bhawan Palace? Look no further and head down to Indique. This restaurant is near the clock tower in the city and offers some very delectable Indian cuisine that will take your eating experiences to the next level of flavor. This restaurant has some great views of the Mehrangarh in the background if you sit on the open rooftop bar area. Enjoy a candlelit dinner with loved ones and let the night fade away as you enjoy some great food, drinks, and social life in the great city of Jodhpur.

The Leela Palace, New Delhi

Here is another city that offers some incredible hotels, sights, and restaurants as well. New Delhi is the capital and has some of the best attractions in India. Here is a list of the best things we have found in this beautiful city of India.

The Leela Palace is a pristine hotel that offers both reality shattering beauty and even better location to all the major attractions of the city. With marble walls, high ceilings, paintings everywhere, and some of the biggest rooms available in the city. Expect marble bathrooms, bathtubs big enough to swim in, and living space that you could get lost in. Take a chance to try all of their restaurants that range from Italian food to amazing and fresh seafood options. Don’t worry about eating anywhere else because this hotel has six different and very unique restaurants that will be sure to fulfill your food needs and desires. 

Things to do in New Delhi


Wander down some streets and find some incredible hole-in-the wall destinations that will blow your mind with flavors you’ve never experienced before. If you were looking for some of the best kebabs in India, then this is the spot of choice. Most of the food is takeaway because the location is very small, so grab some food and be on your way to new adventures as you eat some great food from Karim’s. 

Lodhi Gardens

A must-see sight while in New Delhi. Grab your family and head down to the Lodhi Gardens for some of the most beautiful sites in the city. The park covers around ninety acres and is such an amazing adventure to be had with loved ones. If you were looking for a getaway from the busy streets of New Delhi, then this is by far the best option for a nature retreat. Enjoy the various plants and trees and soak in the beauty as you walk the grounds.

Connaught Place Market

Often called “CP” this shopping center is very clean and has so many shopping stores to see and explore. If you had a day to buy some great souvenirs or some clothes for yourself then this is the best spot to do it in New Delhi. The shopping center is broken into three circles. The inner circle, the middle circle, and the outer circle. The inner circle is the most popular due to its high demand luxury brands. When traveling to faraway lands it is always nice to find a fun and great place to shop for your needs. Connaught Place is a must visit while in New Delhi. 

The Oberoi, New Delhi

This hotel is a must mention if the Leela Palace wasn’t calling your name. Also situated in the great city of New Delhi is another fantastic hotel. The Oberoi is packed with luxury rooms, great views, unbeatable comfort, some of the best service, and food options that will take your flavor experiences to the next level. The hotel has some of the best luxury suites in the country of India with living space that is bigger than your own house. Take a chance to try out their 360 restaurant that serves some of the best breakfast and lunch in New Delhi. If you were looking for something more unique as far as food then try out the hotel’s restaurant Baoshuan that is a Michelin-starred restaurant and rightfully so. The Baoshuan is a modern take on Chinese food and is a beautiful rooftop restaurant that is a must try while staying at The Oberoi hotel. This hotel has it all and is a great option for stay while in New Delhi, India. 

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Located in Mumbai is the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. If you were looking for one of the most memorable stays you could ever have in India, then this is the spot for you. The building was built in 1903 and stands tall and proud with its white walls and red rooftop. The interior is elegant and full of white walls that stretch as far as the eyes can see. The building is right by the Mumbai Harbor so expect incredible water views and fresh air. The rooms are even more breathtaking. Find comfort and luxury in every single room that will make you feel like never leaving. If you decide to leave your comfortable room, I highly suggest trying out one of the dozen dining options this hotel has to offer. Whether it's Wasabi that offers great Japanese cuisine or the Liquid Lounge where you can sip on some amazing cocktails and enjoy social life to its fullest. Maybe after a long day in the heat, take a chance to swim in their famed pool. The pool is by far one of the best in India. 

Things to do in Mumbai

While staying at the notorious Taj Mahal Palace you will need to venture the city of Mumbai once settled in. Here we have collected a couple must do things in the great city of Mumbai, India. 

Bandra-Worli Sea Link

This is hands down one of Mumbai’s greatest attractions and for good reason. This sea bridge is massive and is a great sight to see if you were looking for the chance to capture some incredible pictures and memories. 

Global Vipassana Pagoda

If you are a spiritual seeker looking for peace and clarity, then this spot is a must visit. Head down to this destination and meditate in the massive halls where other spiritual seekers meditate and sit in some peace and quiet. Do be respectful to others' meditation and enjoy yourself with some meditation of your own. You will be surprised with how many answers to your problems there are in the silence of the halls. 

India is full of amazing sights that will take your breath away, foods that will change your perspective on flavor, spiritual sites that radiate with ancient wisdom, culture that is unique and lovely, and even better people that love their country and for good reason. India is truly a place like no other and there is plenty to see and do in this great country. Travel with knowledge and be prepared for some life changing experiences. With the advice of this travel guide you will have one of the most luxurious trips of your life. Be prepared for some of the greatest experiences you’ll ever know. Safe travels and check back in with us on your next trip. 

India Travel Guide
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