Italy Travel Guide

Traveling to Italy

Traveling to Italy

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  This is a center for influential Western expression, invention, gastronomy, music, and creation, one of the cradles and catalysts of civilization, and today a continuing bastion of the arts, industry, and technology. Set your sights on Italy and make this storied and vast land the destination for your trip, whether it may be a longer-term stay, a multi-leg trip or just a short visit. Read on for some of our favorite highlights of travel in Italy, our must-see, must-do, and must-taste of the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is the situation around traveling to Italy with the current COVID pandemic?

Thankfully, Italy has relaxed many of the restrictions regarding travel and tourism in the country, however masks are required for those entering via ferry, train, or coach. Transit countries, airlines, and your home country might have additional restrictions on travel to consider when planning your trip.

  What are the restrictions and requirements regarding travel to Italy?

Italy currently has no requirements for negative COVID tests, quarantine, or vaccination proof to travel in Italy. Visas are also largely unnecessary for most nationalities staying for less than 90 days, but there is a small number of nations whose citizens must complete additional steps before being approved to travel in Italy. However, being a part of the Schengen Area, your passport must not expire until after 3 months from the end of your stay in Italy. In addition, please be vigilant with obtaining the passport stamps at border crossings. Without these, you may be assumed to have overstayed your permitted time in Italy.

  How can I travel to Italy from the USA in 2022?

With COVID restrictions largely gone in both countries, it is as simple as bringing your passport, booking a flight, and packing your bags. However, the guidance and laws regarding COVID and movement restrictions are subject to change as the American and Italian governments see fit, and while not mandated in many places anymore, masking is still common etiquette and asked by airlines and other institutions.

  What is the Green Pass?


The Green Pass was the verification method  and confirmation of COVID-19 documentation, vaccination, and health history regarding COVID-19 of the Italian government. It was previously required for entry into the country, and now is only required in a limited number of settings, usually in certain hospitals and emergency rooms.

  What about Italian nationals returning to Italy?

Italian nationals are free to enter and leave Italy without many restrictions. The Italian government only requires that FFP2-type respiratory protective devices are worn on trains, ships, ferries, and buses/coaches.

  What about foreigners going to Italy?

This is largely the same for most countries' citizens, however other countries and transit countries might have current restrictions on travel. For those visiting for more than travel or for other reasons, a formal application for a number of VISA categories may be necessary. Contact your local government and Italian embassy/consulate/mission when making your plans.

Il Colosseo

  Visitors to Rome will undoubtedly recognise the magnificent Colisseo, the center of the spectacle of ancient Rome. Here, grandiose reenactments of naval battles, battles of teams and wild animals, and some of the most fervent events of Rome's heyday all took place. Today, it remains as one of the greatest and most remarkable historical relics of the world, now open to the public with its myriad alleyways and spaces. Whether as a photo opportunity, an immersive trip through history or to simply pay respect to one of Italy's oldest and most storied faces, Il Colisseo is a solid addition to any travel itineraries here in Italy.

Trevi Fountain

  Another memorable stop here in Rome is the iconic Trevi Fountain. This is a beautiful work of travertine stone dating from the 18th century standing at a whopping 26 meters high. It has appeared in numerous influential films in Hollywood and European cinema since, and is today a popular attraction and meeting point for Romans and visitors alike. Night or day, whether illuminated by a series of captivating lights or in the Roman sun, the Trevi Fountain is a wonderful photo backdrop, sight to behold on its own, and addition to any itineraries. Travelers can also participate in the local tradition of paying a coin to the fountain, who will in return, grant luck and guarantee that visitors will one day return to Rome.

Amalfi Coast

  Naples Bay's southern rim is formed by the steep, precipitous Amalfi Peninsula, which projects sharply into the Mediterranean just south of Naples. There isn't a more picturesque or extreme location for the villages that flow down its rocky slopes. Most of these charming communities have stairways for streets, and the homes there appear to be attached to the cliffs behind them. Flowers are in bloom everywhere, and beaches are hidden in emerald-colored bays beneath the towns. 

One of the most beautiful drives in the world is the Amalfi Drive, which runs along the southern coast. The renowned island of Capri, with its Blue Grotto sea grotto, opulent houses, and beautiful gardens, is located off the end of the peninsula and is easily accessible by regular boats. On the northern Amalfi coast, Sorrento is our recommendation for a stay in the region, as it is centrally located to all of the major sights and attractions of this region. In the warmer months, hiring a private boat to tour the coast itself is a great option for groups and families, and serves both as a solid daytime activity and photo opportunity that will fill your album with countless perfect backgrounds and striking photos of life in this unique and otherworldly location.


  Temple to the gods, since the 2nd century, the Pantheon is one of the best-preserved examples of Roman life throughout the eras, owing to its remarkable continuous use since its construction. Today, visitors can enjoy the revolutionary and resilient Roman architecture, personally touring a work of art that is as rich in history as it is beautiful. History fans, architects, and the common explorer alike cannot pass up the chance to visit this pride of Italy. The rotunda is the highlight of this location, inspiring generations of prominent Italian thinkers, artists, and politicians, and also a great center point to gaze upon many of the ornate details of the Pantheon.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

  Aside from the viral trend of posing to lean against this tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually quite the event in itself, boasting a viewing platform with great views over Pisa, and close to the nearby Pisa Cathedral and Baptistery. The tower features an intricate exterior to be examined up close, and seven bells in different notes. Whether in front of the tower, looking out over Pisa or as a fun stop amid the many other sights in the beautiful Piazza del Duomo, there is more than meets the eye at the striking Leaning Tower of Pisa. The many plaques and historical tours surrounding the tower are a great addition to any visits to Pisa, where guests can follow the sites of many notable episodes in Italian history, such as Galileo Galilei's famed experiments with falling cannonballs.

Roman Forum

  Standing at the heart of ancient Rome, this long-time confluence of early Europe today is survived by a striking number of ruins and structures, another immersive and beautiful location where visitors can personally tour and walk back in time. The former site of temples, courts, the Roman Senate, and commerce, visitors will enjoy exploring this center of Italian civilization over multiple ages, all with the idyllic backdrop of the Palatine and Capitoline Hills. Whether in an organized tour or wandering through, the Roman Forum is still a vibrant hub of attractions, including Tabularium, Gemonian Stairs, Temple of Saturn, Arch of Septimus Severus, Temple to Castor and Pollux and Regia, and these are only the start. Visit one of the most important concentrations of ruins and surviving structures in the world, and meet Italy at the Roman Forum.

Uffizi Gallery

  Located in picturesque Florence, the Uffizi Gallery is the beautiful home to many of the most celebrated and influential works of the Italian Renaissance, one of the most acclaimed museums of the world, and a great highlight of the city. Dating to 1581, the Uffizi is considered one of the first modern museums, starting as a grandiose project to be a workspace for the many magistrates of medieval Florence. Over time, the gallery would accumulate sculptures and paintings and eventually became a hub in the education of the European elite due to its scale and grandeur. Today, visitors will find themselves lost among endless spaces of hallways, ceilings, courtyards, and columns, themselves ordained with intense detail and guarding over countless works of art including Botticelli's Birth of Venus, Parmigianino's Madonna with the Long Neck, Leonardo da Vinci's Adoration of the Magi, Michelangelo's Holy Family, Cimabue's Santa Trinita Maesta, and many more. Witness a showcase of Italy's most prominent in art and expression, here at the mighty Uffizi Gallery.

Rialto Bridge

  This hallmark of Venice is the oldest of the four bridges crossing the famous Grand Canal, providing gorgeous views into the city, over the charming gondolas and waters. Since 1588, the Rialto Bridge has been a celebrated and revered attraction of the city, whether an essential stop for your tour of the city, a lookout point or a golden photo opportunity, the Rialto Bridge is a must-see while here in Venice. Couples, families and solo travelers alike can all rejoice in the scenes around this connection of the city, and is a great destination in itself. Take a trip to the Rialto Bridge while in Venice, and look out over the center of these bustling waterways.

Tuscan Countryside

  Stone towns in Tuscany dating to Etruscan roots crown the region's uneven terrain.

Proudly perched atop hills, of which several still possess stoic and graceful castles and turrets that once provided protection for their domains. Given that each has distinctive architecture, artwork, personalities, and narratives, it is challenging to pick one over the others. San Gimignano, which is surrounded by walls that are still mostly intact and is rather brimming with towers, still resembles how it did during the Medieval Era, when it was a significant stop for pilgrims traveling to Rome. 

Before the Romans arrived, Volterra was a significant Etruscan center, and the city still has remnants from both cultures. Arezzo's tourism attractions are a result of the numerous poets, architects, and artists who once lived there, a great stop for those wanting to immerse themselves in a spot of Italian history and creation. Aged Cortona has been persevered through many eons of Italian history, and is now one of the nation's oldest towns. Not to mention, the proximity to many major attractions including Florence, Siena, and Pisa making this both an accessible addition to any country-wide tours or as a base of operations for your itineraries. Consider Tuscany for a variety of rustic, romantic countryside living, emerald wilderness and historical treasures all to explore and stumble upon.

Valley of the Temples

  Down in the balmy island of Sicily, the site at Agrigento is also known as the Valley of Temples, one of the most renowned and well-surviving examples of Greek architecture and civilization today. This is the work of some of the many Greek settlers who lived beyond the archipelago all over the Mediterranean and beyond, today succeeded by the temples of Concordia, Juno, Heracles, Zeus, Castor and Pollux, Hephaestus, and Asclepius. These towering ruins will spirit visitors away to the wonders and scenes of ancient Sicily, astounding in their size and condition. Fallen Atlas, stoic pillars, and the setting of the Temple of Concordia are all quite the sight to behold, frequently compared to the grand Parthenon.

Cinque Terre

  In the northwest of the nation, Cinque Terre remains as a stunning and captivating example of harmony between the dramatic coastal landscape and Ligurian civilization, with its winding trails, breathtaking views, and colorful buildings as the perfect getaway from your getaway. Strolling narrow walkways, cliffs, flowerbeds overlooking the ocean, and the remarkable view of the towns, Cinque Terre is a highly memorable canvas to explore for those traveling the north of Italy. This is a great destination offering scenic hiking, sailing, and train rides throughout the area, as well as a formidable local cuisine and produce, with the anchovies, grapes, pesto, focaccia, farinata, grappa and wines being of special note. Here, visitors can indulge in gorgeous views with even more gorgeous weather and food. No wonder it has captured countless generations of poets, writers, and directors!

Tour of Chianti

  It would be impossible to visit Chianti, an area tucked between Siena and Florence, and not take a wine tour of this mouthwatering region. There are many varied wine tours available here. Many of them will take you through picturesque villages and across rolling hills while stopping at local vineyards to taste the many mixes on offer. For those who have come to Italy with the cuisine and produce at the forefront of their plans, this is for you. Foodies, sommeliers, chefs, and all visitors will enjoy the Italian countryside and all it has to offer amid great weather, pristine landscapes, and some of the most esteemed in fresh, local, and delectable cuisine.

Lake Como

  Take one of the many speedy and comfortable connections up to the verdant and sunny terrain of Northern Italy and set your sights on Lake Como. Tucked away in the picturesque countryside near the Swiss border, Lake Como is an escape from the rest of Europe, with spectacular villas, palaces, and beautiful towns along its shores. This has been a favored retreat since the days of ancient Rome, with a mild temperature, relaxing spas, and presence of a number of waterfront masterpieces such as the Villa del Balbianello, Villa Melzi d'Eril, and Tremezzo, just to name a few. With perfect weather, views, nature, and a continuous history as a favored retreat, visitors can find themselves touring the same residences of celebrities, both ancient and modern, such as Caroline of Brunswick, Pliny the Younger, Stendhal, Liszt, Lionel Messi, and Richard Branson.

Italy Travel Guide
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