Grand Canyon Travel Guide

Traveling to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Travel Guide

Photo by Eric Murray on Unsplash

From the great words of Ibn Battuta, “Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” The views we see while traveling the endless beauty of the globe are truly indescribable. The words we formulate to try and express our enjoyment and beauty of a sight are mere attempts to encapsulate the true wonderment and awe we encounter while traveling. Even though our words may not grasp the full picture and beauty of a sight, they do spark curiosity and desire for adventure within the souls of those we tell our stories to. What better way to use our stories of adventure than to use them to spark a flame of curiosity in those who listen. Our travel stories push the curious to action, and once they too lay fresh eyes on the true beauty of the world, they are left speechless, and later tell stories that encourage other adventure hungry souls to travel and see for themselves. 

The stories are great, but some sights need to be seen firsthand. One great and famous location that is constantly raved about through stories of those who have ventured is the impossibly beautiful sight of the Grand Canyon. We have all seen the postcards and have heard our close friends and family talk about their ventures to the Grand Canyon, but what does that leave us with? Nothing but a burning flame of desire and curiosity to see it for ourselves. If you are someone who seeks to travel to the Grand Canyon and experience this worldly phenomenon for yourself, then you have landed on the perfect article to help you do so. 

In this article we will be exploring every inch of the Grand Canyon. Covering topics such as where to stay while visiting, where to eat, what sights to see, hikes to do, fun adventures to have, and all things regarding the Grand Canyon. This article will serve as a blueprint to having the best overall travel experience you have ever had. When it comes to traveling, the biggest setback and fear is that we will be lost and not know what to do when we are there. Luckily for you, we have composed everything you will need to know before you go to the Grand Canyon, so that your travels are full of fun and without stress and worry. Feel free to follow the links provided in this article to find more information on the listings we have found for you. Safe travels, and we cannot wait to hear the stories you have to tell.  

Know Before you Go, Grand Canyon

Where is the Grand Canyon? 

A great question. When most think of the Grand Canyon they think of some far away excursion that would most likely be too far to attempt. However, this beautiful landmark is planted right in the northern part of Arizona, just a few hours from Phoenix. If you live in the United States, this trip is a no brainer. It is safe to say that a travel experience to the Grand Canyon is a must do bucket list item for anyone who seeks adventure and lust for life. The best way to get to the Grand Canyon is by RV or car. The road trip is essential for this destination. Although the hours spent in a car, traversing the endless trek to the famous location are significant, the views seen along the way are just as out of this world as the Grand Canyon itself. The road trip route to this destination is simply added juice and adventure for your heart to hold close for life. If a road trip isn’t quite your style and you wish to fly, then we highly recommend staying in nearby towns such as Flagstaff or Sedona, which are both just about two hours away. The options for stay will be listed further in the article, so stay tuned.

When is the best time to visit? 

Want to beat the crowd? Have a sense of exclusivity and peacefulness while visiting this world-famous site? There is nothing worse than traveling to a well anticipated destination only to be met with overpopulated tourism and chaos. If you are a traveler that seeks the best time to visit the Grand Canyon, then your best bet is travel any month other than July and August. These two months see a massive increase in tourism and as the amount of people visiting increases so does the temperature. Dodging these months will not only allow you to miss the crowds, but also miss the hottest weather of the year for the Grand Canyon. 

Sunset or Sunrise? 

If you are someone who wishes to stay away from the crowds of tourists, then we highly recommend seeing a sunrise and capturing all the Instagram photos you need first thing in the morning. Most of the viewpoints are crowded around the time of sunset due to the fact that most are night owls, and few have the desire to wake up early enough to see the sunrise. So, we highly recommend sunrise over sunset. However, seeing both is optimal for ultimate memories. 

Park Pass 

To enter the park, you will need a park pass. The park pass is roughly $35 per vehicle and it will last an entire week. Don’t forget to buy this in advance. If you wish to buy a park pass, then follow this link

Best Places to Stay, Grand Canyon

If you are a road trip kind of traveler then camping out and finding the best campsites might be your best bet. Here in this first section of best places to stay in the Grand Canyon, we will be covering the best campsites for those wishing to camp out and get the full experience under the stars. Following this section, we will have listings such as hotels and fun glamping options for those who wish to see the sights with a bit more sophistication. Follow the links provided to find more information on prices and availability. 

Best Campsites in the Grand Canyon

North Rim: Towering trees that dampen the noise of the outside world, green plant life that provides your lungs with some of the freshest air you have ever breathed, and a sense of nostalgia that your soul knows. Connected back into nature and surrounded by beauty that is beyond words descriptions. The North Rim Campsite is a perfect campsite for those who want to be embedded into nature, but also connected to civilized amenities such as showers, running water, a general store, and just a small walk away from a lodge. This campsite is perfect for tents, RV’s, and laying under the stars on a cot. For more information, please follow the link provided.  

Mather: Located on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon, surrounded by some of the most beautiful sights of the Grand Canyon. This site is possibly one of the most popular sites to camp on due to its hiking trails that lead right to the endless beauty of the Grand Canyon, and its accessibility to modern amenities such as hot showers, running water, and much more. This site is a must see and if you were in between where to stay, then worry no more and take the leap to stay here. It surely will not disappoint. For reservation rules and availability, please follow the link to secure your stay. 

Both of these campgrounds are top-notch choices for travelers who seek to stay at the Grand Canyon and still be connected to nature. To sleep under the stars, hear the wildlife running around them, smell the fresh scent of the trees, and be disconnected from all the modern noise of society. For each campsite, please make sure to book a reservation and read over the rules and regulations before visiting. Make sure to respect the lands, clean up after yourself, and leave the land better than when you came. 

Up next we will look through some of the more luxury and modern stay options for those who wish to explore the beauty of the Grand Canyon but still be under a roof and have modern amenities. The best of both worlds would be to camp out on one of the above campsites for a day or two and then transfer over into a hotel that is nearby so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Below we have found the best stay options near the Grand Canyon just for you. Please follow the links provided to find out more information on availability and pricing. 

Best Hotels Near the Grand Canyon

High Country Motor Lodge: A true masterpiece of a hotel that is nestled in the nearby Arizona city of Flagstaff. If you were looking for a mountain cabin type of stay that also has its own spin of luxury, then this is the place for you my fellow traveler. Just outside of the Grand Canyon with only a small drive involved in order to see the great beauty and packed to the brim with some of the best amenities a hotel can offer. High-speed Wi-Fi, flat screen TV’s, ultra-comfortable mattresses, cottages that feel better than home, suites that bring their own sense of luxury, and a Nordic Spa that takes all your stress away. This hotel is beyond any experience you have ever had before. For more information on pricing and availability, please follow the link above. 

Enchantment Resort: Tucked away amongst the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona is one of the most beautiful resorts known to man, surrounded by beautiful nature and connected to all the great things of the town.  Staying here at the Enchantment Resort is a great way to have the best of both worlds. Both connected to modern society and also disconnected and reconnected with Mother Nature and all her beauty. Both off the grid and on the grid at the same time. Here at the Enchantment Resort, you can expect amenities such as spacious suites, tall ceilings, rooms that are surrounded by some of the best nature views, easy accessibility to the Grand Canyon, pool suites, an excellent dining experience at their restaurant Che Ah Chi which serves some of the greatest seasonal flavors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Staying here at the Enchantment Hotel is beyond luxury and a great way to stay connected to the great nature and be just a drive away from the Grand Canyon. For availability and pricing, please follow the link above. 

Best Things to Do and See, Grand Canyon

Now that we have covered the best places to stay in and around the Grand Canyon, it is time to take this travel experience to the next level. It is time to fill your itinerary list full of some of the greatest hiking trails, sights, and must-do activities of the Grand Canyon. Whether you are staying for a couple days and have plenty of time to experience the Grand Canyon to its fullest, or if you only have a single day to cover as much ground as possible, we have you covered. The Grand Canyon is full of some of the most out-of-the-box experiences such as some of the most mind blowing and perspective altering sights to see, so let’s buckle in and get right to it. Feel free to follow the links provided below to find more information regarding the recommendations we offer. Remember, a well-informed traveler is a traveler that has the best adventures. 

The Trail of Time

One of the most famous hiking trails in the Grand Canyon is the Trail of Time. With a distance of 2.83 miles, you can literally walk back in time to discover one million years of the Grand Canyon’s geological evolution. The rocks you see will be layered in colors, each color signifying millions of years that have changed the landscape. Feel free to follow the link to find out information on how to arrive at the trail, how to walk it, and all the rules and regulations you need to know beforehand. 

Hike Down and Look Up

It is difficult to fully understand the true beauty and essence of the Grand Canyon without hiking down to the very bottom and viewing the beauty from down there. Of course, doing so requires some time, so please make sure to have a full day from morning to sunset. Do not get caught coming back in the dark. The best route to traverse down into the canyon is the Bright Angel Trail. This trail is nine miles one way, so if doing this route is something you are interested in then make sure to check out the campgrounds Bright Angel and Indian Garden that sit along the trail. Staying at one of these campgrounds is optimal for the best hiking experiences due to the overall length of the Bright Angel Trail that leads to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Make sure to pack a backpack with a tent, sleeping bag, plenty of water, food, and travel with company because carrying all these supplies would be a mess alone. 

Indian Garden Campgrounds

About 3,000 feet under the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon is the Indian Garden Campgrounds which is a must if you are making the traverse down the Bright Angel Trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. For reservations and prices please follow the link above.

Bright Angel Campgrounds

Spend the night at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and be surrounded by some of the most breath-taking scenery you will ever experience. If you are an avid backpacker looking for an adventure like none other than make sure to hike the Bright Angel Trail and plan a stay at the Bright Angel Campgrounds for an out of this world view of the night sky and more than 2-billion-year-old rocks surrounding the campgrounds. For information on getting a permit for staying at the campgrounds follow the link provided above. Of course, the same recommendations we gave above are the same for this one. Pack accordingly and always travel with company for safety. 


The Grand Canyon is unlike any other travel experience you have ever had. It has remained one of the most popular and most visiting natural destinations all over the world, and for good reason. The Grand Canyon has some of the best sights your eyes will ever have the pleasure to see, some of the greatest picture taking opportunities to later show off to your friends and family, and some of the greatest opportunities to reconnect with nature. After your trip is over, you’ll be left with stories and memories to tell for the rest of your life. 

Grand Canyon Travel Guide

Photo by Tom Gainor on Unsplash

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