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Australia Travel Guide

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Are you looking for a place to visit that allows you to experience the Outback and exotic creatures? We have just the place for you! Stay with us and learn why the magnificent country of Australia is where you and your family should book your next vacation. 

Australia is a very unique country for many reasons, a few being its vast, captivating, and beautiful environment. The country of Australia features many different locales to explore, from beautiful cities to the country's sandy beaches and deserts, and a lot of open and vast plains where wildlife can be spotted. As of the year 2020, Australia boasted a population of about 25 million people and brings in millions of tourists each year who fancy exotic wildlife, a natural and beautiful environment, marine life, and much more. Let’s have a look at why Australia should make it on your list when looking to book a vacation.

Best Places to Stay 

One of the most important parts about booking any trip is finding where you will be staying during your time. Lucky for you, Australia offers plenty of options. If you are looking for somewhere cheap such as a small hotel, somewhere more luxurious where you can relax and take advantage of living lavishly, or if you are looking for a house to rent out for total privacy, Australia will be sure to accommodate. If you are outdoorsy and prefer to spend your nights under the stars, Australia also provides plenty of different camping options as well. 

Bed and Breakfasts 

One way to save money while also being able to experience the culture of the country is staying at one of Australia’s bed and breakfasts. These lovely little places to stay each offer a certain charm about them. With most of them being family owned, staying at a bed and breakfast in Australia will ensure a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

A very nice and charming bed and breakfast to stay at is Yanada. Yanada is a bed and breakfast that sits on thirty-eight acres along the McDonald River and is approximately three minutes away from the historic village of St. Albans. Yanada boasts a delicious breakfast, free wifi, and gorgeous views over the valley. Yanada also offers a yoga room for guests to enjoy, a cinema lodge, and both an indoor and outdoor fireplace. This wonderful bed and breakfast is a great and affordable place to spend time when looking for a place to stay. 

Another option is the Llarrinda Bed and Breakfast. The Llarrinda Bed and Breakfast sits on two and a half acres of beautiful greens and is just six minutes away from the town of Foster. Llarrinda Bed and Breakfast features beautiful views of the Wilsons Promontory National Park. This particular bed and breakfast is great for animal lovers as well, with over sixty different species of birds in the surrounding landscape as well as numerous different mammals that roam throughout. This bed and breakfast also features a hot tub, an outdoor fireplace, and even free use of the Llarrinda Bed and Breakfasts bikes. 

Last, but not certainly not least, the Musicians Retreat is a great option for adults looking for a place to stay when in the country of Australia. Sitting on one acre of land, the Musicians Retreat boasts numerous features on top of the traditional bed and breakfast experience. Additional features they offer includes the solar heated pool and gardens, cozy rooms, and garden studio cabins. When staying at the Musicians Retreat, you will be sure to have a lovely experience. 

A stay in any of these lovely options ensures a delicious breakfast and fantastic hospitality without breaking the bank. 

Australia’s Best Luxury Hotels

If you are someone who is looking to treat yourself to the best of the best with a luxurious experience, Australia has options that will suit your fancy. All of these wonderful luxury hotels have plenty to offer such as elegant dining, breathtaking architecture, beautiful landscaping, and an experience that will have you feeling like a king. 

One option when looking for an amazing hotel to experience is the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney. The Shangri-La Hotel is a beautiful 5-star hotel located perfectly between the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.This lovely hotel boasts spectacular views of Sydney's waterfront. Each room of the Shangri-La Hotel is elegantly decorated and offers views that show off the beauty of the city and Australia as a whole with the backdrop of the Blue Mountains. The food at the Shangri-La Hotel is something to behold as well, with delicious options that range from Japanese cuisine to Australian delicacies. 

Another option that had to make this list is the Lizard Island Resort. Isolate yourself in luxury at the Lizard Island Resort. This lovely resort boasts over forty luxurious suites and is located at the National Park that covers 1,013 hectares. Not only is the Lizard Island Resort supremely luxurious, there is plenty to enjoy there, such as fishing, snorkeling, a private beach, wildlife tours, delicious restaurants, diving, and much more. The Lizard Island Resort is your one stop shop for all things luxury and fun.

Staying in Australia’s luxury hotels will allow you a pleasurable stay if you want to treat yourself. 

Vacation Rentals 

Are you traveling to Australia with a large group of friends or family? In that case, the best option for you is a vacation rental. You can rent anything from spacious homes and villas to condos or apartments. Need a kitchen? These rentals offer all the comforts of home in a tropical setting. Check out AirBnB for available properties for rent during your trip. There’s sure to be something to fit your needs. 

Camping Sites 

One thing that may not come to mind when people think about staying in Australia is the country’s amazing camping spots. While most come to Australia to experience its wildlife and beaches, if you are particularly outdoorsy, its camping sites should not go unnoticed. 

A wonderful option when looking to spend a night underneath the stars is Coffs Harbour. Located in New South Wales, Coffs Harbour is a great place to camp with views that overlook the breathtaking Horseshoe Bay. This lovely spot is located in Horseshoe Bay Caravan Park and boasts sandy beaches, lush forests, and the vast ocean. It's about five hours from Sydney, but if you are looking for a wonderful spot to spend time in the great outdoors, Coffs Harbour is an excellent spot for you. 

Another option when looking to camp in Australia is at Kalbarri National Park. Kalbarri National Park is located in Western Australia at the and is a must-visit when exploring the west coast of Australia. The lovely Kalbarri National Park boasts river gorges, hikes that offer scenery that is begging to be photographed, as well as the famous red and white striped rock formations that stretch for miles. Depending on the time of year that you visit the Kalbarri National Park, you may be able to see wildflowers blooming that will be sure to catch your eye and make you appreciate the beauty of nature. If you are a camper and find yourself in Australia, the Kalbarri National Park should make your list when looking as a place to set up camp. 

While it may be something that most do not think about when booking a trip to the country of Australia, those who enjoy the outdoors will be pleased to know that there are plenty of options. 

Places to See 

One of the most popular destinations when visiting Australia is the city of Sydney. Strolling down the streets of Sydney, you will be able to appreciate one of Australia’s prized gems, with breathtaking and historic architecture all around you. There are also plenty of places to shop at and restaurants in this city as well, all of which are fun to visit. Landmarks that you have to visit when spending time in Sydney include: 

●   Sydney Opera House - not only an icon of the country of Australia, the Sydney Opera House is an icon of the world. The Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and cannot go unnoticed. The building itself is a site to behold, but once you snap out of the dazed trance that you have fallen into, be sure to book a tour and learn more of this magnificent piece of Australian Architecture. 

● Sydney Harbour Bridge - another Sydney icon, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is an attraction that begs for attention. The bridge was built in 1932 and remains as the world’s largest steel arch bridge. Whether you are driving over it, sailing beneath it, or looking from afar, you owe it to yourself to stop and appreciate this famous Australian icon. 

● Darling Harbour - a wonderful place to be near the water while also enjoying all the attractions it hosts, Darling Harbour has something or everyone. Packed with numerous attractions that include museums, a zoo, shops, restaurants, an aquarium, and even a theater. Darling Harbour is a must visit for every tourist visiting Sydney. 

When spending time in Australia, another great city to visit is Canberra. The city of Canberra serves as the capital of Australia and is a very lively and lovely place to spend time. Known for its world class museums, Canberra is also known for its beautiful nature reserves making it a great place to enjoy the great outdoors, even in an urban environment. 


One of the most important parts of any trip is collecting souvenirs to bring home commemorating your time on vacation. If you’re interested in shopping, there is plenty to choose from. When spending time in Australia and looking for a place to get some shopping done, the Chadstone Shopping Centre is a must-visit. The Chadstone Shopping Centre is located in the city of Melbourne and boasts of being one of the largest places to shop in the entire country. The Chadstone Shopping Centre hosts many different kinds of shops throughout, such as footwear shops, jewelry boutiques, clothing stores, cosmetic stores, and so much more. The Chadstone Shopping Centre is one of the most famous places in Melbourne and is a one-stop shop to help satisfy all of your shopping needs. 

Last but not least, another wonderful option for shopping when in Australia is shopping at Carillon City. Carillon City is a great place to shop for those who are looking for souvenirs to take home as mementos from their lovely trip to Australia. Located between the Murray and Hay Street Malls, Carillon City offers plenty, from souvenir shops to restaurants, and even fashion boutiques.

When planning your trip, take note of any special festivals that may be happening while you’re there. The festivals often include crafts for kids as well as displays of artistry available for purchase. 

Art, History, & Culture 

Maybe a trip to Australia inspires you to deep dive into the culture and history of the region. You have plenty of options for this. From museums to street art, there’s an experience for everyone. You never know where the next turn will take you. Expect to encounter beautiful architecture while walking through the streets. 

If you are someone who enjoys visiting museums, you have a lot of options here, too. Choose from art, archaeology, music, science, history, and so much more. Visiting any one of the museums is a great way to fully immerse yourself and learn about the history of Australia. 

Dining Options 

You simply cannot go on a trip without trying to experience some of the food that the culture has to offer. A great way to experience unique Australian food is by visiting local favorites. Wherever you find yourself in Australia, finding a delicious local restaurant is a must. 

It does not matter if you are looking for an easy place to grab a quick bite to eat or looking for a place to enjoy some fine dining, Australia has it all. Lucky for you, Australia boasts some of the best places to enjoy tasty food so you will be sure to find something that you will enjoy.

Throughout all of Australia, you will find different kinds of food depending on where you are in the country. There is no need to worry though, because Australia is not short of delicious eateries—there is always a good place to eat nearby. 

Fine Dining 

If you happen to be visiting Australia for a special occasion such as your honeymoon, an anniversary, or to appreciate fine dining, Australia has plenty to offer. 

A lovely place to enjoy a delicious meal in Australia is at Quay. Quay is a restaurant located in Sydney. Quay is an award-winning restaurant thanks to Chef Peter Gilmore, who has masterfully put together a menu of balanced dishes that will surely satisfy both in presentation and in taste. Quay is one of the best restaurants in Australia and has won the award of being one of the top fifty best restaurants in the entire world. This classy restaurant boasts delicious food and waterfront views, allowing for a truly supreme and classy atmosphere. 

Another restaurant that needs to be mentioned would have to be the Sounds of Silence Dinner. This lovely dining experience allows guests to escape the noise of the busy city and venture into the serene atmosphere of the outback. Using ingredients that are native to Australia, the Sounds of Silence Dinner truly celebrates the country with authentic food and gorgeous views. 

Casual Dining 

When looking for good food in Australia, it is not hard to find, but a great place to look for tasty casual dining spots is in Sydney. A great example of tasty casual dining in Sydney would be at Cho Cho San. Cho Cho San is a restaurant inspired by the drinking culture of Japan. This lovely restaurant offers a gourmet food bar, delicious drinks, and mouth watering desserts. 

An Outback Adventure 

When picking Australia for your next vacation, you have certainly picked the right place. With so many things to do and so many things to learn about and appreciate, visiting Australia will be an experience that you will be sure to remember for the rest of your life. Whatever the occasion is, you will be making great memories when visiting this lovely part of the world. 

Red desert of Australia with Ayers Rock
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